Source Code Repository


Occasionally a phoneloser has written a program, and submitted it to us (usually in the UPL ezine). Here’s all the programs we’ve been given so far. You are welcome to submit your own (email linear phonelosers net). And if you use any of this source to do something cool, let us know.

Language: QBasic
Written by: The Jolly Spamhead

This is a trojan. Typically I wouldn’t promote any type of malware, but since this just creates a bunch of junk directories and adds remarks to autexec.bat and config.sys, and since it is easily detected by anti-viruses, I’m putting it here for historical purposes. The opinion expressed within do not reflect our own. Originally appeared in UPL023, read the article for the whole story.

Language: C++
Written by: Phractal

Written to help your wardialing efforts. Saves you the trouble of writing/typing out every number you’re scanning. Originally appeared in UPL025.

Sheetz0r.CPP (SWWD.CPP v1.1)
Language: C++
Updated by: The Visual Assassin
The Visual Assassin expanded on phractal’s code and created version 1.1 of this wardialing aide. Originally appeared in UPL026.
Language: Perl
Written by: Gzaector
Creates a random phone number for you. There’s probably some use for it. There’s some variables in the source that should be modified to suit you best. Uploaded as a .zip archive to avoid server errors. Originally appeared in UPL027.
Language: Perl
Written by: duper

You can use this to determeine the frequencies for DTMF keys. Run it and see what we mean. Uploaded as a .zip archive to avoid server errors. Originally appeared in UPL030.