United Phone Losers: 100% fat free
issue no. 25 - June 27, 2001
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'Ello. Here be thy UPL025. There's been a lot of changes in the world of UPL since we last talked. Firt of all, we've successfully switched to a new server, which is much better than our old crappy netherweb hosting. We are now hosted by https://www.siteturn.net/hosting/  

Okay, beside from that, we've also changed our staff list around a  bit, kicking two people out and bringing in the amazing Phractal. I decided to bring in Phractal because he actually knows what he's talking about, and isn't as lazy as all the other losers in UPL. Oh, and no, YOU can't be a UPL staff person. So don't ask.

With the switch to the new host came a new layout as well. It's simple, but I like it. It's easy.

Okay, I guess there's not much else to say. Enjoy this AMAZING issue. I actually got off my ass and wrote something (well, I guess I actually had to sit at my computer and get ON my ass to write it), part two of Phractal's history/review of ezines is here, and an amazing tutorial of crayons was provided by KLOC, just to name a few of our action-packed articles this time around.

And, as always - apologies for the tardiness of this issue. My girlfriend is still around (for some reason she hasn't wised up and left my loser ass yet, I'm excited), so I don't have much time left for computer-nerd stuff anymore. SORRY!!!$#~11@!%$

--- linear


today's thoughts, tomorrow's crimes
"PhractalPhreak: UPL totally rocks to the max"
(did you catch the dripping sarcasm?)

History and Review of Electronic Hacker Magazines
Part Two in a Two Part Series
Written By Phractal

History and Review of Electronic Hacker Magazines
Part 2 of 2, please see UPL024 for Part 1.

Legion of Doom/Hackers Technical Journal:
1986 - 1990
The Legion of Doom was a group named after the villians against Superman in the comic books. Just as one might expect, the ringleader and cheerleader for the LOD was a hacker with the handle non other than Lex Luthor. The group was formed on Plovernet, a powerful East Coast BBS that was co-operated by Emmanuel Goldstein. Several members have been in and out of the group, altogether I'd say about 50 over the years. The most notable members and most famous and elite hackers of the LOD were: Lex Luthor, Erik Bloodaxe, Phiber Optik, The Leftist, The Urville, Prophet, The Videosmith, The Mentor, Phantom Phreaker, Control C and Pucked Agent 04. There are others, to get  the full list, read issue 4. Hyped up heavily through Phrack, the LOD gained a reputation since its start in 1984 as being the most elite and wisest hacker group of the underground. In late 1986 the group decided to publish their own e-zine.

The technical information contained is stuff of the future, at least back then. There was detailed information on cellular phones (back then!), lists of accessable Telenet addresses, of course plenty of UNIX information, and Lex's own tips on breaking into IBM mainframes, which Lex dabbed quite a hand in. Probably the most technical and the hacker with the most knowledge of all, I would have to say was The Mentor. Three key members of the LOD were busted in 1989 as a result of the Hacker Crackdown, and the group atrophied after its final release in 1990. Don't be fooled, the 5th issue publised in 1993 was not publised by the *real* LOD. I have read that Chris Goggans (Erik Bloodaxe) himself somehow put a stop to this new wannabe LOD group.

The LOD is I would say, the best known hacker group even today among the h/p scene. Many groups, some very elite, some not, have adopted 'Legion' in the title of their group, such as the defunct Legion of Apocalypse, Legions of Lucifer, and the Legions of the Underground (see Keen Varacity).

NSA: National Security Anarchists:
This magazines just goes to prove that groups and magazines in the underground come and go, sometimes within a very short amount of time. I can only find four issues, all published within 2 months in the summer of 1991. In my opinion, the magazine tried to be a replacement for Phrack and LOD, as it declares both of those organizations as "things of the past". They do provide lots of technical information, and there is no 'bomb' or destruction articles as one might think judging from the magazine's title. In fact, it is just as technical as any Phrack issue. This magazine appeared just after the LOD and Phrack took serious blows from Operation Sundevil. The end of the issues being published is abrupt suggesting a scare or a bust. The magzine does have a bite to it, not quite being so peachy clean as the LOD journals  or Phrack.

The Havoc Technical Journal:
1995 - 1998
I guess this magazine gets a rep for being very black hat like for having havoc in the title but it is actually quite informative, and isn't a BoW or 40Hex mag. It does resemble NSA. It has plenty of useful info. Useful today. It has a lot of TCP/IP and UNIX information and how the internet works. It was published at a a time when one could hack using the internet and remain free :). Scud-O is definetly the main contributer to this zine, although many others came in in the late issues. There is a lot of source code and exploits, much like Confidence Remains High. I think the title was decided a little impuslivly. The magazine is another one of those that evolves into one of the more knowledable and leet zines out there.

Some hackers from today that pay respects to the THTJ are the people of the Phone Punx Network.

HIR: Hacker's Information Report:
A major relief to the hacker world, a modern nearly legit zine with no bomb building or malicious hacking of any sort. This was started independently by a hacker named Axon, and then others assisted in writing, probably the second biggest contributer was Asmodian X.

One of the charms of HiR, as was a reason SysFail was popular was the fact that there are beginner and advanced articles in each issue. Unlike other mags, you are pretty much gaurenteed to understand at least one article per issue, and also you are gaurenteed not to understand at least one article per issue. One of the things that made HiR very famous was Axon's step by step guide to building your very own effective and cheap acoustic coupler. I have personally built an acoustic coupler according to Axon's instructions and his words are 100 % FACT. My coupler works. Some of the other things that make HiR a treat are the Beginner Tutorials, The Fun with UNiX sections, and the Operating System reviews.

B4B0 Magazine:
B4B0 zine seems to be another one of those zines that didn't really take itself or its content really seriously at first, but it actually became a very famous and well respected magazine of the h/p underground. The only thing that seperates this zine from the other ones is that they still seem to act just as immature and use twice the amount of l33t talk, probably as satire of the warez scene. They also release fresh code in new issues, which they call the 'warez'. Despite increasing respect and more technical articles, they seem to be just as giddy and immature about certain things as they began. There is way too much information that is published by B4BO to be summarized here, but it is leaning more towards computer networks than telephone networks, but that is a line that is getting less and less clear everyday. Famous people from the underground are staff members and have written for B4B0 showing that B4B0 is well respected. PBXPhreak, seen in SysFail and other zines has written for them, as well as the hacker Hybrid, famous for being founder of D4RKCYDE, who publishes F41TH magazine, AS WELL as being a member of the internationally known (or pheered) group called '9x'.

Aside from Phrack, PPM and F41TH, B4B0 is a serious contender for the coolest, most technical and most repsected magazine of the current underground. Go check 'em out now.

Dissident Magazine:
Only for 2 months was this magazine alive, but it was compiled together by many people from previous zines and all over the underground. Pingujno, Secret Squirrel and Zhixel all from SysFail make appearances, as well as MMX_Killa and Hatredonalog, from DPP, and The Clone, a famous canadian hacker who runs http://www.nettwerked.net/. The few articles that were published were pretty elite, such as an article about ADSL, SS7, Yahoo and password algorithms. Considering this was a short lived zine, it gets a short review.

K-1ine Magazine:
Another Canadian hacker magazine. Led by underground famously known hacker The Clone. Surprisingly, the zine has managed to stay alive and well and has been publishing monthly. So it has quite a few issues. The zine ocassionaly has rants and opinions and personal writings, but it does not lack in technical articles either. Since it is a Canadian zine there are articles about Millenium payphones. There are also quite a few articles dealing with Cellular Telephone programming, Denial of Service Attacks, Wardial scans and a lot of information about payphones of all sorts. So, as you probably guessed, it is generally a phreaking zine.

Private Line:
Hailed by old school wardialer Testset Johnny himself, Private Line is possibly the best "legit" phone related magazine ever. And he is probably right. The magazine reads much like a manual and doesn't have the immaturaty or l33t spellings that floats around the underground. A normal person could understand this zine, whereas your average joe might have a little trouble understanding something like BoW or B4B0. All kinds of phones and phone networks are discussed in the articles, like payphones, cell phones, encryption and stuff like what actually happens as your call is routed through central offices and the such. I had never heard of this fantastic magazine until i visited Testset Johnny's webpage @ nettrash.com/users/bft, which has a Private Line Mirror plus tons of other old school phreaking philes, as well as a recipe for 'phreak-izza' the phreker's Pizza. The magazine was run mainly by Tom Farley.

Digital Defiance:
I wrote this review b/c I was a huge fan of Digital Defiance because I was friends with the publishers, and I actually like the content, and it also enlightened me about several techinical things, like blue boxing through international trunks, TCP/IP layers, socket programming, among other things. The magazine was run by Xenos and Pyro, who abruptly ended the issues after issue 5 or so. Either something happened personally to them, i have heard they died in a car crash, or it is possible that they got raided/busted for something. If ANYONE has the issues PLEASE EMAIL ME at mr_phractal [at!] hotmail [d0t!] com and send them on over or point me to the mirror. This was a great, lesser known zine.

Ok, so the point of these reviews was to enlighten you, the reader on your hacker history and also to show you some of the better zines out there. I respect all the zines I review, and I think the ones I reviewed are serious parts of the hacker scene. You should definetly read at least some of them. There are so many zines that I couldn't review all the ones I wanted to b/c they weren't too big or didn't have enought oomph to deserve a review or I haven't really read them, but I thought the following deserve a mention and should be checked out if you are a die-hard Hacker Historian fan like me :)

  • Amerikan Junkie
        -nice Ascii skillz Zyl0ne!
  • Telephone Free Planet (defunct)
  • BlackZine
  • COTNO(defunct)
  • Phantasy Magazine (defunct)
        -published by the IIRG
  • Security Breach (deFunct)
  • BlackBox
  • Black Hacker Mag (defunct)
  • Sykotic Times
I also realized many of the zines I reviewed are no longer being published, so therefore I will display a list of URLs that has H/P zine mirrors so hopefully you can find all the zines I reviewed there.

Simple Way Around Content Filter Software
Written by linear

Hello there!

Like me, many of you go to crappy high schools that filter their net access with WebSense or other such ridiculous shitware. Or perhaps you're unfortunate enough to be an AOL kiddie whose parents have set up those silly parental controls. If either of these is the case, or anything similar, then allow me to help. I have a very simple (!!) way around these filters.

Me and Harry Tuttle found this handy little trick quite by accident while we were just fooling around with different websites. First I'll describe what we originally found, then I'll add other speculations on other methods I believe will work as well.

Me and Tuttle decided to Dialectize websites at random while bored in our school's library one day after school... The Dialectizer, as you are probably aware, is a website that can take web pages or other text and instantly create parodies of them in the odd and funny dialect you choose. We decided to try it out on 2600.com.

After getting our cheap laughs at the dialectized 2600 and commenting on what morons we must be to find simple things like this funny, we realized that 2600's site is one of the many sites that WebSense, the filter software our school district uses, restricts access to. Then we realized that The Dialectizer works much like a proxy website, and that we could view any site we wanted to through the Dialectizer, since WebSense has blocked access to proxies like anonymizer.com, but not The Dialectizer.

Of course, it didn't take us long to realize that it would suck to have to view all the restricted websites in Redneck dialect. And that 50% of all images are broken when you visit sites through Dialectizer. So we found a simple way around this: Dialectize over to a site like anonymizer.com or CyberArmy.com's portal and use a proxy to another restricted site! There goes the silly dialects, and now images are all working once again.

I should mention Dialectizer's URL is http://rinkworks.com/dialect/ And if you have trouble remebering that, a search for Dialectizer on google.com or most any other search engines will turn the site right up.

There's obvious problems with this, though. WebSense and other filter software will eventually just restrict access to The Dialectizer. But, sites like Babelfish (http://babelfish.altavista.com), and many others, who can take websites and translate them into different languages can do the same job as The Dialectizer. Just go to Babelfish, type in anonymizer.com, or CyberArmy.com, or any other proxy of your choice and select to translate from Spanish to English, or anything else to English. Since nothing on these proxies sites is in anything but English, the translaters will pretty much leave the text alone. Now you can use your proxy to go to any other restricted sites.

Since translation sites like Babelfish can be very valuable tools for students and other individuals, it's not very likely that filter software will block these types of sites.

Have fun surfing, and remember, phonelosers.net is still unrestricted by WebSense! w00h00x0rs ibaibaibaibaiba y34h y4y!@#!#%@$#%

Getting a Tour of Your Local Central Office
Written by Xenocide

Getting a tour of your local Central Office can be easy or hard depending on the type of people running it, I will discuss a few methods you can use to go about this task. Before you do anything, it would be a good idea to get some information on your local Central Office own your own. Goto http://telecomtools.ccmi.com and they will tell you a lot about your local Central Office. Such information includes what type of equipment is in use, who makes it, what telco owns it, where its at, etc... Another place to get information about your local Central Office is http://www.dslreports.com/coinfo.

CO Manager:
Getting a tour through the Central Office Manager is a guaranteed way to get a tour, if it is at all possible to get one in your area by means other than using a lineman. Before you can do anything, you of course need the CO Manager's phone number. You could get it by calling your local Dist. Manager, Billing Office, Repair Office, or any other numbers like that. It also might be possible to get it from the operator, but she may not know what you're talking about. After you get the number, just call the CO Manager and (s)he should be able to schedule a tour. If (s)he asks any questions like why you want the tour, just tell him/her something like, you want to work for the telco someday.

The helpful lineman:
Getting a tour by means of a lineman will be a little bit harder than the first. Hang around the Central Office a little, if you see a lineman, try to strike up a quick conversation and tell him something like you want to be a lineman some day, then ask him if he could give you a tour of the Central Office. Sometimes they will have a key and sometimes they won't. If he is in a hurry just get to the point or find another lineman. If he doesn't have a key then ask him if he can point you in the right direction of someone who could get you a tour.

In either case, use common sense and you should succeed. Sometimes telco employees can be assholes or think its a waste of time to help you, but keep trying and you should get it. Getting a tour is pretty cool, once you're there ask all the reasonable questions you want, just don't ask something like, "Can I use my blue box with this type of switch?" You should learn a lot from the experience. Good luck and have fun!

How to Make Crayons
Written by KLOC

HeLLo KiDDiEz! Dis be kLoC from foObaReD.cOm. InCase yEr wOnDEriN wHy I'm tYpIng LiKe ThiS, it's BcUz I'm BoRed. LiNeAr toLd mE hE'd GiVe Me BaCk My ShoEZ oNly F I wRiTe a artiKal fOr HiZ zIne sO I'm WriTinG tHiS aRtiCle to GeT mY sHoZe BacK.

First off, you might be wondering, "crayon? Wtf is that?"  A crayon is a stick of pigmented paraffin wax used as a writing and coloring utensil. They come in many distributions and flavors; my favorite is Crayola's Red. Red is a bit old school but still stands up pretty good against newer colors such as Thistle and Scarlet(originally named torch red). Red is also one of the original 100 core colors which newer distributions are built on. Other popular colors in the U.S and Canada are Cerulean, Blue and Purple Heart. Before making your own crayons we should probably investigate the history of crayons, we'll focus on Cray's because they're the most popular and one of the pioneers in open-source color development.

The history of Crayola crayons started when a young rising New York city stock broker named Binney and a homeless alcoholic named Smith met at a whore house on Aug. 21 1902. During happy hour the whore house got a little crazy and the next morning Smith woke up and found himself broke, naked  and with no place to go as usual, Binney woke up an hour later and found Smith sleeping under his brand new car. This was the beginning of a long and happy friendship. Binney took Smith home with him that night and gave him a nice cardboard box to sleep in.

Long story short they created Binny & Smith Incorporated and introduced Crayola crayons to the world in 1903 with the original 8 colors: black, brown, orange, violet, blue, green, red and yellow. By 1949 the number of different flavors had grown to 48 and today there are 120 different flavors to choose from.

OK! Now on to the good stuff, making the crayons. You will need 2 basic ingredients: paraffin wax(can be purchased at your local radio shack) and your choice of pigment(better stick with a standard distribution for your first crayon, don't try to make apricot or carnation pink on your first attempt).

Step 1: Fill a microwave safe container with 3 pounds of paraffin wax and heat at 260° C for 30 minutes.

    3 lbs. Non-toxic Paraffin wax
    wwwwwwwww    \
            |           |
            |           | Plastic microwave safe container
            |___________| purchased from radio shack

Step 2: Stir in a quarter pound of pigment slowly until wax is evenly colored (dont stir with finger! very hot!).

       ppppppp -------
 1/4 lb. of           |
 red pigment         \|/
                |           |
                |wwwwwwwwwww| Liquid paraffin wax

Step 3: Pour mixture into crayon molds from tip up. NEVER THE OTHER WAY!!
  |pwpw    <--- Wax & Pigment(Very Hot! do not lick or touch!)
  |_______  w
           |p    |
           |wp   |
           |pwp  | Crayon Mold
            \   /

Step 4: Wait 45 minutes for crayons to cool or cool with water.

  z        /`         <--- you can sleep while you are waiting.
      /       `

Step 5: Weed out malformed crayons, and remold them.

[Crayon]>   [Cray\
                \o\    <--- this one is bad! reform it!

Step 6: Wrap crayons in paper labels.

  ____________         /\
 |            |       |==|
 |   crayon   | ===>  |  |
 |   paper    | ===>  |  |
 |____________|       |  |

Congratulations! You have just made your first 272 crayons! Be sure to keep your crayons in a safe dry place or else they could loose quality over time.

Disclaimer: Depending on the state law of where you live, manufacturing crayons may be illegal. We do not condone illegal manufacturing of controlled crayons or distribution of crayons to minors.

SWWD.CPP v1.0  (Wardialing Aid)
Written by Phractal

//SWWD.CPP  v1.0
//by Phractal
//This little scrap of code is a program that is used to aid you in your
//wardialing efforts. If you scan manually, which seems to be the safest
//way nowadays, it's tedius to write out everynumber down so you remember
//what is special about that number, be it a PBX, outdial, VMB, carrier,
//loop, or some weird mystery tones, or even the clandestine DATU line.
//The syntax is this
//So, if you wanted to record what you found when scanning 1-800 555 0001
//thru 1-800 555 9999 you would type in:
//800-555 0000 9999
//another ex. 512 374 5500 thru  512 374 5599, you would input
//512-374 5500 5599
//After running the program, all the numbers should be ready for you in a
//list format in scan.txt in whatever directory you ran this from.
//Remember, this is C++, not C, if using unix, use g++ to compile, not gcc.
//Also, this has a bug, if you are scanning lets say 0000 thry 9999, don't
//type in 0000, type 0001. It tends not to like entruies that end in zero.
//It also doesn't like scans that are like 0501 thru 0599 and 0801 thru 0899
//Anyone is open to contribute to this program, as long as I maintain credit
//for original program.
#include <iostream.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <fstream.h>

int main()
char*    npa;
int c,c1,c2;
ofstream outStream("scan.txt"); //saved to whatever dir you run this from!

outStream<<"***************** War Dial Sheetz0r ******************"<<endl;
cout<<"***************** War Dial Sheetz0r ******************"<<endl;
cout<<"Enter the following seperated by spaces"<<endl;
cout<<"  -the NPA and exhange (eg. 800-555)"<<endl;
cout<<"  -the first combo of digits to start scanning(eg. 0001)"<<endl;
cout<<"  -the last combo of digits to finish scanning(eg. 9999)"<<endl;

            outStream<<npa<<" "<<"000"<<c<<endl;
        outStream<<npa<<" "<<"00"<<c<<endl;
    outStream<<npa<<" "<<"0"<<c<<endl;
    outStream<<npa<<" "<<c<<endl;

return 0;

Random File Security Bullshit
Written by luminouspsyrcle

One day, when i was very bored, I was swimming through REGISTRY on my  computer. I came accross these numbers in these things called Class Identifiers (CLSID). Well after a while of research i realized that these were basically masks for file extensions. If you can not see file extensions open My computer, then click VIEW>FOLDER OPTIONS>VIEW>Uncheck "Hide File Extensions" (If you're on a Windows ME computer do it this way: >EDIT>FOLDER OPTIONS>VIEW>Uncheck "Hide File Extensions". Well anyways, say you have a Normal file or maybe a folder. You could encrypt it, passwd protect it, etc. etc. Lets say you don't want to do these things. Well if you have a FOLDER you normally can't change the file extension. Well now you can. Just rename your file .{11943940-36DE-11CF-953E-00C0A84029E9} (or one of the other entries below) When you do this it also makes it as it has no file extension so it hides people from renaming the file extension. Here are the CLSID extensions: Type of file: |CLSID extension

HTML FILE-------------------------> | {25336920-03F9-11CF-8FD0-00AA00686F13}
AVI FILE--------------------------> | {00022602-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
SHORTCUT FILE---------------------> | {00021401-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
MIDI FILE-------------------------> | {00022603-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
MPEG FILE-------------------------> | {00022601-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
PCX FILE--------------------------> | {11943940-36DE-11CF-953E-00C0A84029E9}
RTF FILE--------------------------> | {73FDDC80-AEA9-101A-98A7-00AA00374959}
FOLDER FILE-----------------------> | {ECD4FC4F-521C-11D0-B792-00A0C90312E1}
WAV FILE--------------------------> | {0003000D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
CONTROL PANEL FILE----------------> | {21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}
FONT FOLDER FILE------------------> | {BD84B380-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534}

Those are Just some of the CLSID entrys, there are many many more. I found these in registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

Ok so you want more protection than that, eh? Well heres the NUL trick. When you're in DOS type MD (Then hit ALT+255 on your right numberpad) then the file name. This makes it so it cant be opened in normal windows. Only DOS. The Command Line should look like this:

MD _name

DO NOT HIT UNDERSCORE. HIT alt+255 (the 255 must be on the right numberpad) that underscore is actually the NUL character. Thats what makes the file un-viewable and un-deletable.

You can find things like this other places on the net but i discovered these on my own. These are not copy's.

Creative Phreak Toolbox
Written by Sniper IX

With nothing less than several years of experience with phreaking, I can tell you that it is the man, not the machine, who must know the machine, in order to piss off the man on the other end of said machine. So the man who dost piss off thy other man, shalt have with him a toolbox of goodies to use!

Of most importance is funding, because unless you plan to steal everything, or find it somewhere, you need some coinage. One idea is to rip the radioactive ionizing core of an old-skool smoke detector out. That's right, low-level radioactive material is in most old smoke detectors and it is valuable because it emits something scientists know as Alpha Decay Particles, which are Helium particles! These alpha emitters are used in bubble chambers to show scatter paths of the particles and thus are useful to college level physicists and chemists. The alpha sources sold in catalogs are quite expensive, like a lot of money for a little piece of the stuff, but if you can find a shady professor over at your local community college, then you might be able to get a good bit of cash for the things. Don't worry about the radiation giving you cancer, because alpha particles cannot penetrate the skin! Just be sure to keep it away from your mouth and try not to ingest it or allow it to contact any mucous membranes, wash your hands after handling the stuff.

If you don't have a professor, then find an alternative, like prostitution, or maybe selling your soul to Burger King.

Your first item to obtain is a good sack. Old ratty backpacks work great because they have pockets with zippers and whatever else so that you won't have your neeto red box tone dialer falling out whilst you scale the fence of the telco stronghold to plant explosives and steal some goodies.

Once you have the sack, get yourself a pair of the wire cutters with strippers and everything else included on the thing. It looks like a crooked and ugly thing, but it is priceless for electronics. Don't forget the soldering iron with plenty of solder, or wire for that matter.

Next, you should acquire a good blunt object, which is a hammer. With this you can hammer in the morning, hammer in the evening, and beat the shit out of padlocks.

After that, you should get screwdrivers. AS MANY AS YOU CAN GET!!! BwaHaHaHAHA! Allen wrenches, and other tools of torquing as well should be purchased, stolen, or found as much as possible.

The last two purchased items are the tone dialer, and the headset phone with the really small keypad. (This phone is listed under Rat Shack Catalog #43-2100) With the tone dialer, you make yourself a red box, and with the phone, you must make a beige box, because as shown by Twisted Faith, it really makes sense due to the size of the phone. (I even went out and bought one.)

After these basics, the sky is the limit. Other items may include a good cheap hacksaw, a pair of bolt cutters, a small torch (also sold at rat shack), a lighter gun, explosives of all sorts, thermite powder, ect.

Oh, and a good idea is to wear clothes with pockets. Not too many pockets, but at least 4 on a jacket, 2 cargo pockets on your pants, and some inside pockets can be stitched onto any piece of clothing requiring covert storage. Don't forget gloves thick enough to prevent electrocution! Safety First, unless you're drunk!

That's all, and if anyone ever does find a buyer for the alpha particle emitters, tell me. Good luck and try not to blow your thumb off.

Bank Robbing 101
Written by BombtraCk311

Hello my name is BombtraCk and I will be your personal guide to the felonious, michevious, and criminal world of bank robbing.

First of all your gonna have to either have a car or know someone who does who wants to become your partner in crime.

Second you will need a Brain in the event you do not have a brain do everything I say and you probably wont have to worry about the thrill of getting ass raped by a 340 pound cellmate named Bubba.

OK so you wanna become a big time bank robber? Well I got news for you it aint easy you will need to spend along time planning your first heist so be prepared if you had to drop out of High School cause you couldn't pass 9th grade English you might wanna check out a  different career. Here's the deal - I'm gonna outline two ways of going about bank robbing.

The IN and OUT Method
  • Important Info to know
    This way is used most often because it doesn't require a lot of thought basically your whole goal is to get in take as much money as possible and get out within 6 minutes. What you will need for this is a GOOD car that's not gonna break down on you, a GOOD friend to be your get away driver and a GOOD weapon (preferably a nice compact Pistol). OK so here's the deal you are gonna wanna look around your area and find the bank with the absolute least amount of security. If you are wise you will even do a little research to make sure the bank hasn't been robbed within the last year or so because banks that get robbed will increase their security by 500%. The best banks to rob are in small "retirement towns" were almost all of the cities population is old. These banks have security that is so ridiculously pathetic you could rob them 5 times over before the cops would know.
  • Taking the leap into the dark side
    OK so you made your mind up you're gonna rob a bank using the in and out method. You found your target you already staked it out a week or so in advance to see all of their security measures. Ok first of all take the bullets out of your gun in the event that you are caught the penalty will be lesser if it wasn't possible for you to shoot anyone (in fact if you can find a realistic "fake" gun that would even be better) and you aren't prepared to kill someone now are you? Ok its go time your gonna wanna rob the bank around lunch time on a Thursday dont ask me why but security is always weakest on Thursdays everywhere. On your way to the bank stop by a Wal*Mart or other big store and bye some sort of mask that covers your face but looks realistic enough that people wouldn't notice from afar.Ok its go time get your friend to park as close to the bank as possible as long as the spot has extremely easy get away access, btw i forgot to mention to change the plates on your car on the day of the heist. Ok your friends parked make sure he leaves the motor running take a deep breath put your mask on put your gun(or fake gun) in your hand and then in your pocket RUN into the bank dont waste anytime trying to be subtle about it because someone WILL trigger the silent alarm and you most likely wont even notice so its best just to KNOW that you only have 8-10 minutes till the police arrive then to think they might not have triggered. Run in SCREAM "everyone on the floor THIS IS A ROBBERY" go over to the nearest clerk throw them a bag and SCREAM "FILL it with unmarked bills as fast as you can or the medics will have to clean your face off the floor with a squeegee" (Btw forgot to mention you should have a stop watch and set it the minute you let everyone know you are robbing them) Ok let them fill the bag up until the exact second your stop watch hits 4 minutes and 50 seconds then SCREAM at them to give you the bag out take the bag RUN as fast as you can back out to your car and speed away. Congratulations you just committed your first successful bank robbery. Count your money and send 5% of it to me.

The Sly Way of robbing banks
If you are tired of the old cliched "in and out" method of robbing  banks then maybe you should put on your thinking caps and think up a good way to rob one. Or you could just do it this way...

  • Fake Bomb=Big Cash
    Ok i'm gonna make this short cause i haven't actually tried this out so I'm not 100% sure if it will work. If you have read all the way up to this point then there's no point in me explaining all that crap i mentioned before so i will just get to the point. You are gonna want to make some sort of Fake device that appears to be a remote controlled Bomb. Pull up to the drive through bank thingy insert it in the tube with a letter explaning that the following is a remote controlled BOMB and that you WILL detonate it inless she sends you 5,000 dollars through the shoot. I know it sounds ridiculous but you know how stupid some people are and when they are afraid they get about 10 times dumber so give it a try it just might work.

The End
Well thank you for reading my little text. Neither i nor UPL take any responsability for any actions committed as a result of reading this text. BTW i apologize for the lameness of this text I was under the influence of a redneck girlfriend at the time of writing this.

Novell Netware Fun with Hidden Organizational Unit
Written by Ice Arson

Once you've got one of these on your schools network or what ever network you put it on, there is only two ways to get it off. Either your NetWare admin can call up Novell and pay them a nice sum of money and they will go into your system via pcanywhere (http://www.pcanywhere.com) or your NetWare administrator has to start all over again. Often they never find these. Once you get a hidden organizational unit on your network you can do anything that your admin would hate for you to do. My favorite thing is naming it after the computer teacher. Or someone else in the school with some computer knowledge causing an investigation on them diverting attention away from you.
  1. Log on with the same amount of powers as an Admin
  2. Start up the file nwadmin3x.exe (Netware Administrator)
  3. Create a new Container
  4. Right Click on a already made OU
  5. Create a new OU by clicking create and choosing and OU
  6. Create a user in the container
  7. Give the user trustee Rights
  8. Right click on use and make them a Explicit trustee (click on all the properties tabs)
  9. Make the user security equivalent to the Admin
  10. Go to the Inherited Rights Filter on the container
  11. Disable Browse and Supervisor capabilities
  12. Remember your context so you can log in sense you can't browse the tree (duh!)

Frequency Scanner Lecture Log
Written by BaGeL

Lecture from #bsrf [ Irc.box.sk ]
Logged by killer_dog
lecture by BaGeL

[10:40] <BaGeL> ok...
[10:40] <BaGeL> scanners
[10:40] <BaGeL> what a wonderful lil gadget...
[10:40] <BaGeL> some geeks and old men like to use it to listen to the
[10:40] <BaGeL> HA!
[10:41] <BaGeL> we will listen to cordless phone calls... the po-po when
we're out beige boxing... and other fun things :)
[10:41] <BaGeL> where do you get a scanner you might ask...
[10:42] <BaGeL> go to your local radio hack and pick up a pretty descent
one... preferably the pro-91... considering it has the cellular band
[10:42] <BaGeL> ok... on to the phun stuff
[10:43] <BaGeL> scanners can be modified to do just about anything you want
[10:43] <BaGeL> however, this takes a little knowledge of circuitry and
 soldering etc etc
[10:43] <BaGeL> and no, a scanner CANNOT transmit on ANY frequency
[10:43] <BaGeL> :)
[10:44] <BaGeL> anyhow... scanners are VERY fun things to get
[10:44] <Guy_SJS> ive personally got 4
[10:44] <BaGeL> upon buying a scanner, you should get a popular handy book
 called "Police Call"
[10:44] <BaGeL> hehe
[10:44] <BaGeL> has LOTS of frequencies that are useful
[10:45] <Guy_SJS> also, theres an fcc website that will do scanner frequency
 searches by city, county, etc
[10:45] <BaGeL> yep
[10:45] <wishmaster> what about me
[10:45] *** DigitalFallout sets mode: -v wishmaster
[10:45] <BaGeL> lol
[10:46] <BaGeL> anyways
[10:46] <BaGeL> here are some basics
[10:46] <BaGeL> a frequency is a "channel" that radio waves are TRANSMITTED
[10:46] <BaGeL> for example
[10:46] <BaGeL> the po-po in my town's frequency is 482.8125
[10:47] <BaGeL> btw, a frequency has 6 numerical digets as well as a period
[10:47] <BaGeL> similar to a fone number
[10:47] <Guy_SJS> psst
[10:47] <Guy_SJS> its 7
[10:47] <Guy_SJS> you can have xxx.xxxx
[10:47] <BaGeL> oh yeah
[10:47] <BaGeL> lol
[10:47] <Guy_SJS> ;-)
[10:47] <BaGeL> i cant count everyone, sorry
[10:47] <BaGeL> haha
[10:47] <Guy_SJS> thats only on trunking scanners tho
[10:48] <BaGeL> yep
[10:48] <BaGeL> transmit...
[10:48] <BaGeL> means to send a radio signal upon a certain frequency
[10:48] <BaGeL> think of it as a phone line
[10:49] <BaGeL> you call your phreaker buddy... on a certain number
[10:49] *** DigitalFallout sets mode: +v wishmaster
[10:49] <BaGeL> and both talk back and forth
[10:49] <BaGeL> unfortunatly handheld radios are half-duplex
[10:49] <BaGeL> half-duplex is when only one party can transmit at a time
[10:49] <BaGeL> so your talking to your buddy on the phone
[10:50] *** DigitalFallout sets mode: +o wishmaster
[10:50] <BaGeL> this is the same idea as transmitting on a radio
[10:50] <BaGeL> now
[10:50] <BaGeL> receiving...
[10:50] <BaGeL> receiving is kinda self-explanitory
[10:50] <BaGeL> it is when you take in voice on a certain frequency
[10:50] <BaGeL> remember, a scanner is can only receive
[10:51] <BaGeL> also...
[10:52] <BaGeL> it is very easy to pick up analog, or "45mHz" fones...
[10:52] <Guy_SJS> good for blackmail
[10:52] <BaGeL> it is possible also to pick up 900mHz cordless phones, but
 this is useless
[10:52] <BaGeL> why?
[10:53] <BaGeL> because 9 out of 10 modern fones have voice scrambling on
[10:53] * Grendel is back
[10:53] <BaGeL> so you'll hear the aliens talking in there little language
[10:53] <BaGeL> personally, i like the cordless fone frequencies the best :)
[10:53] <BaGeL> you can find out ALOT
[10:54] <BaGeL> i think that a scanner is an essential tool for the
 phreaker... that way you always know if the po-po is around
[10:54] <Guy_SJS> mind ifi cut in?
[10:54] <BaGeL> not at all
[10:54] <Guy_SJS> Hes right when he says taht.  I was out picking thru the
 bell office garbage
[10:55] <Guy_SJS> and heard the poe get dispatched, so i had 5 mins to get
 my shit and go
[10:55] <Guy_SJS> VERY nice.
[10:55] <Guy_SJS> continue
[10:55] <BaGeL> hehe
[10:55] <BaGeL> ok
[10:55] * DigitalFallout cares to not know WHY he was there
[10:55] <Grendel> why is the channel +m ?
[10:55] <BaGeL> lol
[10:55] <BaGeL> to get leeto burrito fone stuff!
[10:55] <Guy_SJS> Grendel: lecture
[10:55] <Grendel> well i don't see a lecture
[10:55] <Grendel> so ?
[10:55] <Guy_SJS> DigitalFallout: looking for some telco lines
[10:55] <BaGeL> im giving one
[10:55] <BaGeL> anyways...
[10:56] <BaGeL> another thing you can do
[10:56] <BaGeL> i forget where i read this from but its actuallr cool
[10:56] <BaGeL> i think it was phonelosers..
[10:57] <BaGeL> anyhow
[10:57] <BaGeL> you can receive fast food drive-through frequencies...
[10:57] <BaGeL> i know, who would want to listen to sum fat lady ordeeer her
 11 dollar lunch at McDonalds??
[10:57] <BaGeL> well... this is where the phun comes in
[10:58] *** Quits: dockalfer (dockalfer@BoxNetwork-12781.iline.com) (Quit:
 dockalfer has no reason)
[10:58] <BaGeL> lets say you drive up in a nice long line at mcdonals drive
[10:59] <BaGeL> turn on your leeto burrito scanner and listen to what the
 person behind you is ordered (after YOU order)...
[10:59] <BaGeL> then, when you get to the little teenie bopper... recite
 what the person behind you ordered
[10:59] <DigitalFallout> I'l take +m off so you can ask questions as we go
[11:00] *** Guy_SJS sets mode: -m
[11:00] <BaGeL> this will cause absolute chaos... now you can sit in the
 parking lot and watch everyone go mental because every1 gets the wrong order
[11:00] <BaGeL> is there any questions so far?
[11:00] <Knuckledust> 1 comment ;)
[11:00] <killer_dog> nope.
[11:01] <BaGeL> Knucle go ahead
[11:01] <Knuckledust> can i just mention when buying a scanner, buy one with
 a *continuous* frequency range, not one that comes in frequency bands
[11:01] <BaGeL> yes'
[11:01] <BaGeL> thats a very important point
[11:02] <BaGeL> dont make the same mistake i did
[11:02] <_xsamri-> back to cordlesses, cause I came in late, were you
 modifying the fone in any way before using it as a scanner?
[11:02] <BaGeL> no
[11:02] <Guy_SJS> the phone isnt the scanner
[11:02] <BaGeL> you can pick up any analog (old, 45mHz) fone wit ha police
[11:02] <Liquid> with an old television
[11:02] <BaGeL> you dont use the fone as the scanner :)
[11:03] <BaGeL> anything else?
[11:03] <BaGeL> how am i doing so far
[11:03] <BaGeL> lol
[11:03] <killer_dog> ok
[11:03] <_xsamri-> ah but can't you also just unplug your base and walk down
 the street looking for a 950 fone?
[11:03] <BaGeL> first lecture... a little nervous
[11:03] <BaGeL> ummmm
[11:03] <BaGeL> ok... xsamri
[11:03] <BaGeL> you do not use the cordless fone as a scanner
[11:04] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o kript0n
[11:04] <killer_dog> hey kript0n
[11:04] <BaGeL> you use the scanner...
[11:04] <BaGeL> to pick up a cordless ohone
[11:04] <BaGeL> phone*
[11:04] * Guy_SJS waves to kript0n
[11:04] *** VoidIndex is now known as Dex|Relaxing
[11:04] <BaGeL> you program the frequencies in... i belive there are 25
[11:04] <_xsamri-> but hrm.....what I'm saying is that your 950 fone
 -should- be able to pick up others fones...if they are the same ie 950
[11:04] <kript0n> hey Guy! :)
[11:04] <Guy_SJS> BaGeL: varies by scanner
[11:04] <BaGeL> all from 43mHz to 49 mHz
[11:04] * kript0n is back
[11:05] <Guy_SJS> xsamri
[11:05] <BaGeL> what do you mean 950?
[11:05] <BaGeL> do you mean 900?
[11:05] * killer_dog tell kript0n to pipe down - lecture
[11:05] <Guy_SJS> they cant because theres voice scrambling
[11:05] <Guy_SJS> and the handset and base synch together
[11:05] <BaGeL> well...
[11:05] <Knuckledust> btw - cordless *home* phones (one with handset and a
 base plugging into the wall phone socket) are on different freqs
[11:05] *** Quits: mikestevens (MikeSteven@BoxNetwork-11538.home.com)
 (Quit: BitchX: the OTHER white meat)
[11:05] <BaGeL> you CAN pick up another 900mHz cordless if your REALLY close
 to the person and really far away from your base
[11:06] <Guy_SJS> Knuckledust: yes.
[11:06] <BaGeL> it has happened to me before
[11:06] <kript0n> erm... this is bad.
[11:06] <kript0n> heh
[11:06] <kript0n> cya
[11:06] <Knuckledust> like 1-2 MHz i recall (can be picked up on a simple
 shortwave radio)   =D
[11:06] <_xsamri-> but if I unplug my base and just walk down the street?
[11:06] <Guy_SJS> WRAP YOUR TV's IN TINFOIL!  They can pick up cordless
 fones sometimes too
[11:06] <_xsamri-> lol
[11:06] <BaGeL> haha
[11:06] <Guy_SJS> ;-)
[11:06] <Liquid> Guy_SJS i said that :)
[11:06] <Guy_SJS> at least mine does.
[11:06] <Guy_SJS> lol
[11:06] <Guy_SJS> Liquid: didnt notice
[11:06] <Liquid> i get my neighbor
[11:06] <BaGeL> xsam, you cannot unplug your base and expect to pick up a
 fone call
[11:06] <Liquid> <BaGeL> you can pick up any analog (old, 45mHz) fone wit ha
 police scanner
[11:06] <Liquid> <Liquid> with an old television
[11:06] <Liquid> <BaGeL> you dont use the fone as the scanner :)
[11:07] <Guy_SJS> lol
[11:07] * Liquid shuts up now
[11:07] <BaGeL> Liquid i was talking to xsamri
[11:07] <BaGeL> lol
[11:07] <_xsamri-> ok
[11:07] <Liquid> i just addes the other 2 to show guy where i was :)
[11:07] <_xsamri-> :)
[11:08] <BaGeL> and that wouldnt work because 950mHz fones have voice
[11:08] <BaGeL> and they are sync with handset and base
[11:08] <_xsamri-> ahhh
[11:08] <_xsamri-> ok
[11:08] <_xsamri-> :)
[11:08] <BaGeL> hehe
[11:08] <Liquid> *cough*
[11:08] * Guy_SJS gives Liquid a beer
[11:08] <Guy_SJS> shh
[11:08] <BaGeL> yes, Liquid
[11:08] <Liquid> 950
[11:08] <BaGeL> lol
[11:08] <Liquid> *cough*
[11:08] <BaGeL> 900
[11:08] * _xsamri- is taking apart his fone
[11:08] * Liquid shuts up now really
[11:09] <BaGeL> i was trying to relate to xsamri so he;d understand
[11:09] <BaGeL> anyhow
[11:09] <BaGeL> does anyone have any questions or comments
[11:09] <killer_dog> nope
[11:09] <Liquid> yeah, my neighbors are hilarious
[11:09] <killer_dog> lo Forbze
[11:09] <BaGeL> haha
[11:09] <BaGeL> my neighbors suck
[11:09] <BaGeL> oh yeah
[11:10] <BaGeL> another thing that i should discuss
[11:10] <Guy_SJS> be sure to record neighbors hot daughter for blackmail.
[11:10] <BaGeL> you can buy ports and cables so you can actually connect
 your scanner to your PC
[11:10] <BaGeL> hehe Guy
[11:10] <killer_dog> fone sex =)
[11:10] *** Matt is now known as M[a]tt
[11:10] *** Joins: mikestevens (MikeSteven@BoxNetwork-11538.home.com)
[11:11] <BaGeL> there are programs available that decode the DTMF (Dual Tone
 Multi Frequency) tones when intercepting a telephone call
[11:11] <BaGeL> this comes in handy when your enemies are checking their
[11:11] <Guy_SJS> scanners as well. :^)
[11:11] <Guy_SJS> err pagers
[11:11] <BaGeL> or your next door neighbor is entering her bank account
 number and pin numbers
[11:11] <Forbze> OK so wat have i interupted?
[11:11] <killer_dog> Lecture
[11:11] <Guy_SJS> Forbze: lecture.  ssshhhhhhhh
[11:12] <Forbze> ok
[11:12] <Forbze> on?
[11:12] <killer_dog> STFU
[11:12] <BaGeL> scanners
[11:12] <Knuckledust> stick +m again for a bit :)
[11:12] <BaGeL> naw its ok
[11:12] <killer_dog> =((
[11:12] <BaGeL> i want people imput
[11:12] <BaGeL> input8
[11:12] <BaGeL> errrrrm
[11:12] <Guy_SJS> BaGeL: continue
[11:12] <BaGeL> ok
[11:13] <BaGeL> if you dont want to go through all that trouble about buying
 cables and a port for your scanner to connect to your computer, than you can
 buy a little 3 dollar mic...
[11:13] <BaGeL> and put your scanner about 6 inches from it
[11:13] <BaGeL> activate the DTMF decoder whenever you like and it will read
 the tone, and give you the numeric value of it
[11:14] <killer_dog> so pagers use DTMF to transmit stuff
[11:15] <BaGeL> yes
[11:15] <Guy_SJS> No
[11:15] <BaGeL> here are the radio "bands"
[11:15] <Guy_SJS> pagers use potdag or sometihng like that
[11:15] <BaGeL> ahhhhhhhhhh
[11:15] <Guy_SJS> OFNES use dtmf.
[11:15] <Guy_SJS> ;-)
[11:15] <BaGeL> yeah its like podact
[11:15] <BaGeL> i think
[11:16] *** Quits: marie (marie99@193.251.145.BoxNetwork-3787) (Ping
[11:16] <BaGeL> anyhow...
[11:16] <BaGeL> 30.000-50.000 is called the VHF low band
[11:16] <BaGeL> VHF stands for very high frequency
[11:17] <BaGeL> 138.000-174.000 is the VHF high band
[11:17] <BaGeL> 406.000-470.000 is the ultra high band
[11:17] <BaGeL> or, UHF
[11:17] <BaGeL> ultra high frequency
[11:18] <BaGeL> 470.000 to 512.000 is  the UHF-T band
[11:18] <BaGeL> in some cities
[11:18] <Liquid> is there a SDHF? super duper high frequency?
[11:18] <Liquid> j/k
[11:18] <BaGeL>  and the 806.000-940.000 is the "800" band or the cellular
[11:18] <BaGeL> lol
[11:19] <BaGeL> there is also a band called the "mid-band"
[11:19] <BaGeL> which is 72-76 MHz...
[11:19] <Guy_SJS> most fire companies and police in NY now run in 800's
[11:19] <Guy_SJS> pico shop.c
[11:19] <Guy_SJS> oops
[11:19] <BaGeL> it is used for control and relay, low-power radios, and
 remote control
[11:20] <BaGeL> this band is not available in most scanners, though
[11:20] <XcellfoneX> i missed the lec
[11:20] <killer_dog> XcellfoneX: Just get the log l8r
[11:21] <XcellfoneX> ok
[11:21] <BaGeL> there is an aeronautical band also
[11:21] <BaGeL> this is used to monitor aircraft and stuff like that
[11:21] <BaGeL> it is 108-137 MHz
[11:22] <BaGeL> it is used by civilian aircraft
[11:22] <Guy_SJS> military runs on 600's.
[11:22] <BaGeL> this band is found in all the moderately priced scanners
[11:22] <BaGeL> the millitary aircraft band is 220-222MHz
[11:22] <Guy_SJS> :-E
[11:22] <BaGeL> howveer, this is only found in top-of-the-line scanners
[11:23] <BaGeL> any questions/comments so far?
[11:24] <Liquid> i may have some pics of a local cell tower in a few minuts
[11:24] <killer_dog> tringle things ?
[11:24] <Knuckledust> programs deciphering morse & rtty can be fun too
[11:24] <killer_dog> triangle
[11:24] <BaGeL> these are the wavelengths at the center  of the most popular
 land-mobile bands
[11:25] <BaGeL> ...
[11:25] <BaGeL> 40MHz = 7.5 meters (25 ft)
[11:25] <BaGeL> 160MHz = 1.9 meters (6.2 feet)
[11:25] <XcellfoneX> BaGel: do u also discuss about analog cellular esn?
[11:25] <BaGeL> 460MHz = .65 meters
[11:25] <BaGeL> or 25 inches
[11:26] <BaGeL> XcellfoneX, no, i am sticking with basic scanning
[11:26] <BaGeL> for now :)
[11:26] <BaGeL> 860MHz = .35 meters (14 inches)
[11:26] <BaGeL> in theory, the range of all the land-mobile bands is
[11:27] <BaGeL> from the bottom or antenna to the horizon
[11:27] <BaGeL> it usually doesnt work that way but its a good place to
[11:28] <BaGeL> here is a formula that gives you the line-of-sight range of
 your antenna over level ground
[11:28] <BaGeL> D = [square route]H x 1.4
[11:28] <BaGeL> when D = Distance to the horizon, in miles
[11:28] <BaGeL> H = antenna height above the ground in feet
[11:29] *** Joins: DockAlfer (dockalfer@BoxNetwork-12828.iline.com)
[11:29] <BaGeL> lets say for exampe your scanner is 25 feet about the ground
[11:29] <xsamri> that is assuming D is unobstructed right?
[11:29] <BaGeL> the square route of 25 is 5
[11:30] <BaGeL> 5'.5x1.4 = 7 miles
[11:30] <BaGeL> that is how you calculate line-of-sight distance... or range
[11:31] <BaGeL> signals in the VHF-low band may travel as much as 30% beyone
 the horizon
[11:31] <BaGeL> any qyestions
[11:32] <BaGeL> ok...
[11:32] <BaGeL> is anyone awake
[11:32] <BaGeL> ?
[11:32] <xsamri> I have one...again
[11:32] <XcellfoneX> im up
[11:32] <BaGeL> xsam... go ahead
[11:32] <Forbze> to find the wavelength u use velocity=frequancy *
 wavelength     right??
[11:33] *** GameZ is now known as _GameZ-
[11:33] <BaGeL> ahh... sory
[11:33] <xsamri> what if D is opstructed by buildings
[11:33] <BaGeL> F
[11:33] <BaGeL> sorry
[11:33] <Liquid> i got thoes pics
[11:33] <BaGeL> Forbze.. yes
[11:33] <xsamri> ob*
[11:33] <Forbze> physics did come in handy then :)
[11:33] <BaGeL> xsamri... the radio wave bends
[11:33] <BaGeL> hehe
[11:34] <Forbze> Diffraction Xsamti
[11:34] <Forbze> xsamri
[11:34] <BaGeL> all scanners now pick up ANALOG signals
[11:35] <BaGeL> there are many many other signals that are in use that you
 cannot pick up
[11:35] <BaGeL> these are called DIGITAL signals
[11:35] <BaGeL> however... most Public Safety systems will  be using a
 method called "APCO Project  25"
[11:35] <DockAlfer> heh "DIGITAL"
[11:36] <BaGeL> it is possible that scanners in the future will be able to
 pick up these...yes Dock... DIGITAL signals
[11:36] <BaGeL> oh joy wont that be GREAT
[11:37] <Forbze> Have we got to the Phun with phone calls part yet, or did i
 miss it?
[11:38] <BaGeL> you missed it :)
[11:39] *** DockAlfer is now known as DockAl[busy]
[11:39] <XcellfoneX> BaGel: how about *free* calls =)
[11:39] <BaGeL> hehehe
[11:39] <BaGeL> well then you'd use a beige box :)
[11:39] <Guy_SJS> "grepping for fonecards with bagel"
[11:39] <Guy_SJS> lol
[11:39] <BaGeL> hahaha
[11:40] <BaGeL> well now for the conclusion
[11:40] <Forbze> Or if your in australia you use the straw trick
[11:40] <BaGeL> Forbze... i dont want to know
[11:40] <BaGeL> lol
[11:40] *** Quits: jacs (none@BoxNetwork-12702.eastky.net) (Ping timeout)
[11:40] <BaGeL> scanners are very very fun and handy
[11:40] <Forbze> ok
[11:40] <XcellfoneX> ive been reading about those boxes for a long time...
 but i dont think its compatible in the philippines
[11:40] <BaGeL> they help you not get busted
[11:40] <Liquid> cat RadioShack_trash | grep phonecard
[11:41] <BaGeL> they help you eavesdrop on fone calls
[11:41] <BaGeL> and they are great for getting pin numbers, acct numbers etc
 etcc when the scanner is used with the DTMF decoder for the computer
[11:42] <BaGeL> so go and pick one up at your local Radio Hack... you wont
 be sorry
[11:42] <BaGeL> is there any final questions or comments
[11:42] <Forbze> You put your money in the Pay phone and get a skinny straw,
 Stick the straw up the coin return slot and then jiggle it about, the coin
 that you just put in will fall through the phone, But yet will still be
 registered, do this a couple of times and you can ring anything you like...
[11:42] <XcellfoneX> bageL: would it be posssble to eavesdrop on ordinary
[11:42] <BaGeL> no...
[11:42] <BaGeL> however
[11:42] <Forbze> There is the phone "straw" trick
[11:42] *** killer_away[login] is now known as killer_dog
[11:42] <BaGeL> you can buy a transmitter :)
[11:43] <killer_dog> Forbze: Why a straw ?
[11:43] <BaGeL> you can purchase a trasmitter that connects to the landline
 and transmits the data coming through the line to 45MHz
[11:43] <XcellfoneX> i mean .. i want to hear someone who is using an
 ordinary land line
[11:43] <BaGeL> so it would be like picking up a cordless fone
[11:43] <BaGeL> understand?
[11:43] <XcellfoneX> yah...
[11:43] <BaGeL> well... i have a question... HOW DID I DO?
[11:44] * BaGeL crouches down and puts his hand over his head
[11:44] <XcellfoneX> A++++++
[11:44] <BaGeL> thanks
[11:44] <Knuckledust> BaGeL: nice one
[11:44] * killer_dog will upload it in 25 seconds
[11:44] * Knuckledust gives round of applause
[11:44] <Knuckledust> :)
[11:44] * Liquid throws a brick
[11:44] <Liquid> j/k
[11:44] <Liquid> :D
[11:44] <BaGeL> well... this concludes my scanner lecture now, i WILL be
 coming with more
[11:44] <BaGeL> haha
[11:44] <XcellfoneX> hahahha
[11:44] <Forbze> ok
Session Close: Mon Mar 12 11:45:04 2001

Rite Aid's Security
Written by LuvoxPhreak

We  have all seen the different faces of the evils of corporate America. Rite Aid is like any other drug store chain. It's run by the same idiots that bring you Payless Drugs. Until recently, the employees of each store were allowed to stop/subdue/detain/restrain shoplifters or suspected shoplifters who tried to leave the store. I know this because for a good three weeks, I was an employee of Rite Aid during the graveyard shift. My boss, we'll call her "The Beast", would literally run after and TACKLE people who left the store who wouldn't come back in on her prompt. If someone took a swing at her, she'd take a swing back. I was rather appalled by her violent methods, but it seemed that all Rite Aid Employees all over the U.S. seemed to practice these methods. Before I concluded working there, we recieved a bulletin to ALL employees in the Rite Aid corporation. Apparently, One woman was killed while being stopped for shoplifting, the links for that newstory are here:


Another female shopper was struck over the head by a nightstick-welding security guard and had a gash which required eight staples to close. This story is also mentioned in:


Another seperate incident involved a man being suspected of shoplifting and taken to the back security room where he was so freaked out that he had a heart attack. I don't have the link for that story but if anyone can provide one, please send it to LuvoxPhreak [-at!-] yahoo [-d0t-] com.

The victims and their families are now sueing the Rite Aid Corporation for millions and millions and millions of dollars.

So, in the employee bulletin, they oh-so-carefully outlined that we, the employees of Rite Aid, could no longer stop shoplifters. In fact, we could not even SPEAK to shoplifters. We cannot pursue them. We could not restrain or stop them in any sort of way. The only thing we were able to do is write down their description or their license plate numbers if we saw them. Rite Aids are also picking up sensor security too. The easiest way to get rid of the sensor is peel it off or if the sensor might be inside the packaging and you can get away with it without being seen, go to any closed register and there is the built in barcode scanner on the counter. Pass the product over it with the barcode turned away so the register doesn't pick it up and beep. This should deactivate any hidden sensors. Also, some Rite Aid pharmacies (including the one I worked at) had the bathrooms in the backroom of the store. If you go in on graveyard shift there is only TWO people working. One manager who is usually inbred and a cashier. They both usually face the store so if you see two of them out front (this is NOT including the pharmacist) facing the store, ask for directions to the bathroom. Then go back there and find the open office room. There will be two UNIX towers and a monitor back there. They're always set to a general menu that's meant for managers usually. Also, the employee numbers are ALWAYS the last six digits of the employee's Social Security Number which will always be found where on a bulletin board somewhere in the back of the store which has everyone's schedule hanging up. Each employee uses a 3 digit passcode which can easily be guessed. My supervisor's used 911 if that can tell you anything about her intelligence. On the computer though, there's mosting Rite Aid Corp. stuff and those computers are hooked to the main Rite Aid Corp server. So by using that computer, you're linked to EVERY SINGLE Rite Aid Pharmacy computer in a way. I say, use a nice keylogger, come back a few days later or have one of your friends come back and collect all the passwords on a disk. You could also get a job there and do it. It doesn't matter. Getting the District Manager's password and login will get you the most access possible from that area. If you can set it to two nodes and then dial one node up (all big Rite Aids have about six phone lines and about four are unlisted and barely used), then use the correct logins and passwords, you could probably take over Rite Aid's computers. But then again, don't ask me too much about that. I have no clue.

And finally, The calling cards. Hehehehe... Ever see some nice 250 minute calling cards that were WAY over priced (For example, Rite Aid carries 250 minute MCI calling cards for $49.99). And you CAN'T shoplift them and use them because they say "Not activated until taken to the register" right? Hehehehe... Go into a Rite Aid at midnight. Ask to use the phone at customer service. Right next to the register at customer service, there's a piece of paper taped to the register that says "Calling Card Manual Activation, 1-888-XXX-XXXX, Passcode: (A four digit number that you don't need to memorize because it's ALWAYS the store number)". Memorize or write down the manual activation number. Then steal a SHITLOAD of calling cards. Then call the number, explain how your computers are down and you're, hmm... let's say Rite Aid in Orem, give the passcode/store number, and you need to activate each card. Be smart, only do one or two at a time. They'll never believe a customer is needing 300 cards activated at once. After the cards are activated, by all means, go use them. By the way, using a payphone might be smart for calling the manual activation number. It might be my paranoia flaring again, but those who take precautions live to be free another day. By the WAY, there is also a manual activation for gift cards too. This also works at other places like Barnes And Noble, Borders, Grocery Stores, etc. It's all about going to customer service and being smart enough to spot the number. Be observant.

Oh yeah, This is for informational purposes only, but if you decide to blame me, oh well... I'm fucked.

A Phreak’s Journal for Friday, June 15 2001
Written by Rich Lather

Every once in awhile I get a little bored and decide to document my day to see if it’s just me, or if my life really does suck.  What follows is a play-by-play recount of actual events.  Some names have been changed (not to protect the innocent, but to avoid potential lawsuits).  All dialog is from transcripts of tape recordings, some of which were edited for clarity and to cut out anything not remotely related to phreaking.  Insert standard disclaimers here; I am not responsible for ANYTHING, etc....

6:30am:  Woke up, ate (Pop Tarts and iced tea), got ready for work.

7:30am:  Went to work.  Absolutely NOTHING interesting happened at all, except that I had to go install a new fax machine at our other office.  I ripped the old one out of the wall and hauled the new one in from the van.  Took it out of the box, plugged it in, called the TelScan ANI (888-221-0104) to get the number (402-496-9679).  Oh sure, I could have just ASKED somebody, but where’s the fun in that?  I felt the need to test it out so I called the GE Quick Specs faxback (800-432-3729) and got a big list of other documents I could receive.  That was about it for work, and I left early, around 4:15, because my boss took the day off.

4:20pm:  On the way home I had to stop twice to listen to some cordless calls on my scanner.  The first one I caught right at the beginning while driving past an apartment complex.  It was two women and the conversation went like this:

Bitch1: "Hi it’s me.  What are you doing?"

Bitch2: "Nothing.  Trying to figure out what to make
for dinner.  What are you making?"

B1:  "Potato casserole"

Jesus, I might fall asleep.  It got interesting there for a minute when one of them said she’d been to the doctor.  I was ready to hear some great stuff about how she can’t take it up the ass anymore because of tissue tearing or something like that, but it turns out she might need tubes in her ears.  I listened for about ten minutes total and couldn’t take it anymore. Drove toward home.

4:30pm:  Found a conversation in progress as I was about five blocks from home.  Some middle aged woman was bitching up a storm to some guy:

Woman:  "...(garbled speech)...offer.  And I have told
them twice now that I will not pay for anymore books!
Twice!  And they keep sending them to me!"

Man: "You have actually called them and requested they

Woman:  "Yes!!"

Man:  "Do you know the dates of when you called them?"

Woman:  "Well, no...well, one was last week.  And the
other time was about a month ago."

Man:  "We’ll need the exact dates.  You should call
them again, and write down when you called and who you
talked to, this way we..."

Woman:  "Do you want me to call them right now?"

Man:  "No tomorrow’s fine.  I’ll call you tomorrow
about the...(garbled)"

Woman:  "Okay, but I might not be home.  Call me on my
cell phone at 850-3744."

Sweet!  I didn’t listen to whatever else was said.  I
grabbed my cell and punched in her number.  They hung
up, and I hit SEND.  She answered after about eight

Woman: "Hello?"


Woman: (shocked silence)

hung up, laughed a couple of times and went home.

4:45pm:  Got home, turned on the TV, grabbed a drink (iced coffee), and turned on the radio.  Fired up the ol’ Mega Hack Box 3000 (actually it’s just a pentium 133, five years old.  Guess I should buy a new one).  I like to have everything on at once.  Called my friend Scarf at work.  He sits in a cube coding in VB for an insurance company, what a drag.  At least I have a company vehicle!  (Yeah, a 93 Dodge Caravan, woo-hoo.)

ring ring

Scarf:  "American Underwriters, this is [Scarf]."

Lather: "It’s me, what up."

Scarf:  "Nothing.  What are we doing tonight?"

Lather: "Dunno."

Scarf:  "I’ll page you when I get home.  In the
meantime, figure it out, I’ll call the girls."

Lather: "’K.  Later."

I heard the DJ on the radio (a clown who goes by ‘Capone’) announce that he was taking requests, so I called him (712-323-4100).

ring ring

DJ:  "You got Capone."

Lather:  "Uh yeah, do you got that song by Too Skinnee
J’s about the area codes?  I think it’s called ‘212’
or something."

DJ:  "Uh, I don’t think so, but we got ‘Stockholm

Lather: "Are you sure?  It goes like [singing] ‘I live
in 212 you live in 718!’"

DJ:  "Ha ha, well I could check."

Lather:  "Do you have any other songs about area codes
or phone numbers?"

DJ:  "Umm..."

Lather:  "Well how about some 311.  I think that’s an
area code."

DJ:  "Okay.  Who is this?"

Lather:  "This is Dan Linneman.  I work for the phone
company and I like songs about phones and phone
systems, stuff like that, but not ‘867-5309’ by Tommy
Tutone.  That song sucks."

DJ:  "Yeah!  I’ll see if I can get something on for
you Dan."

Lather:  "Okay bye"

I got online and started looking up movie times.  I heard that Swordfish was about hacking and me and Scarf love to go to hacker movies so we can laugh our asses off about how fake and stupid they are.  I found Swordfish playing out at a multiplex that I happen to know has COCOTs so we can screw around before the movie.  It was right about then the radio played "All Mixed Up" by 311.  I guess 311 is an area code after all!

I noodled around the web for awhile, reading stuff on UPL’s BBS and stuff like that until my pager went off.

6:31pm:  Read msg on pager from Scarf:  "At home now. Call or come over."

I called Scarf and told him I was on my way.  I grabbed my bag o’shit and made sure I had all my gear. One cellphone in my name, one analog and one digital prepaid cellphone (remember: prepaid=anonymous), one Coffee Box, one Red Box (which RARELY works around here anymore), one scanner, one tape recorder, a notebook, and a bunch of other misc phone crap like jumpers and adapters, a can opener, a screwdriver, pens, etc, etc, and my new invention that I hadn’t tested out yet (more on that later).  Out the door I go, scanner on, into car, drive to Scarf’s. I caught a few snippets on the scanner on the way over, but nothing that sounded very interesting.

7:05pm:  At Scarf’s getting our act together.  He called a bunch of chicks we know but couldn’t get ahold of anyone.

Scarf: "Nej is at work.  I called Dana’s cell and left
a msg on her voicemail.  I called Jennie’s cell and
left a msg on her voicemail.  What’s the fuckin point
of having a cellphone if you don’t answer it!  And
goddamit, I called Toni and she still hasn’t gotten a
new answering machine so I guess it’s just us tonight.
It pisses me off.  Why are you taping this?"

7:30ish pm:  We decided to kill some time playing pool before the movie.  The pool hall we go to has two Millenniums in the vestibule.  Great, I can test out my new invention.  We got there and played 9-ball for about an hour.  As we left, we found the phones and got ready to do our thing.  I got out my new invention which is basically a box that charges capacitors, a piece of circuit board etched like the back of a phone card, and a couple of jumpers.  The idea here is that something interesting might happen if we can zap a Millennium through its card reading head.  

What I did was take a disposable camera apart (a Polaroid PopShots after I used it up) and got the flash charger out of it.  Cut the big capacitor off and solder two wires to the leads where it was.  Put some alligator clips on the other ends of the wires and then put the thing in a box (available from Radio Shack) and wire up a battery holder (available from Radio Shack) and a power switch (available from Radio Shack).  This will allow you to charge the capacitor you cut off earlier.  Hook the clips to the leads on the cap (polarity matters) and wait about a minute. Unhook the cap, and short something across the leads. ZAP!  Big discharge!  Be careful, that cap is about 300 volts (but low amps) and will shock the shit out of you; do not touch the leads when it is charged!  (On the other hand, you can have fun charging the cap and then throwing it at people saying, "Here, catch!") It won’t kill you, but you’ll jerk hard enough to throw it across the room.

I also bought a circuit board etching kit (available from...goddam! Do I have to explain EVERYTHING?  Radio Shack, $15) and cut a piece the size of a credit/phone card and etched it so that it had a strip of copper where the mag strip would normally be and also added a pad about a quarter inch away from the strip on one end (If you decided to do this and don’t get what I mean, email me and I will send you a template).  This pad is where you’ll clip one end of a jumper. Now here’s the plan:  Slide the board into the card reader of your favorite Millennium like you would if it was a phone card.  Regular PC board is thicker than a phone card, so it’ll be tight, but you can get it in as far as you need (or you can just make the thing on thinner board if you can find it).  Charge up the cap, and while you’re waiting, clip one end of a  jumper (a length of wire with alligator clips on the ends) to the pad on the board and clip the other end to the chassis of the phone.  The cable from the phone to the handset works nicely.  When the cap is charged, unhook it from the charger and touch its leads across the strip and the pad.  DO NOT BE TOUCHING THE PHONE WHEN YOU DO THIS.  It will ZAP!  The discharge of this cap sounds like a small firecracker, and there will be a spark.  If you can’t figure out how not to shock yourself, don’t even try this.

If you do all this correctly, and the phone is chassis-grounded, you will know that you are successful by watching the display.  It scrambles, and the phone will reboot a few seconds later.  I will assume you know what to do as it reboots, you 3133t0 m0th3rphukk3r you!  (Newbies can look this up in Millennium phreaking files on the net)  If nothing happens, the phone is not chassis-grounded and you’ll have to find a different ground  (make a longer jumper, like 6 feet or so).

So there we were, standing in the entrance to the pool hall doing this to a Millennium.  People were going in and out and we did get a funny look once when somebody came in right as we popped that bitch.  But whoever it was just kept on going.  Where I live, nobody gives a damn what anybody else is doing.  We did this a couple times and then the phone wouldn’t reboot.  The display stayed black and there was no dial tone.  Ooops.  I picked up the other phone and called it in (800-234-4041).  They said they’d send somebody out and thanked me for reporting the malfunction.  That was kind of funny.  We left for the theatre.

8:55pm:  Arrived at the theatre.  We bought our tickets and went over to the bank of COCOTs to kill time.  We called the theatre’s showtime line (712-325-6633) and hacked at the machine (press # during the recording) for awhile.  Then I called Nej at the hospital where she works (712-328-6000) and talked to her for a minute then had her transfer us to an outline.  She doesn’t really phreak much, but she knows what’s up and it is handy to have a friend in a hospital with a big PBX.  I really believe that hospitals are the BEST target for PBX hacking.  When I got the outline, I called the 2600 VBBS (516-473-2626) but I guess it’s down or something, so I called the DefCon VBBS (435-855-3326) to see if it was back up yet.  I got a message that the number had changed (775-533-6666) so I called that and fucked around until it was time for the movie.

9:10pm:  Rich Lather’s Review of ‘Swordfish’:  It was okay; not great, but not crap either.  I suppose it was worth full-price admission because there were lots of explosions, guns, chicks and the highlight of the film was seeing Halle Berry’s tits.  The hacking was a joke, of course, and we laughed out loud as the hacker assembled his worm graphically.  One guys last name was Torvalds.  Ha.  That was about it.

11:30pm:  Driving around afterwards Scarf ranted about "MovieOS".  "MovieOS" is the operating system that computers use in the movies and great examples can be seen in "Hackers" (along with Angelina Jolie’s tits), "The Matrix" (along with Carrie-Anne Moss’ tits) and "War Games" (along with Matthew Broderick’s tits). MovieOS is great because there are no actual commands. You just press random keys as fast as you can and shit just magically happens on your screen.  This is how you break into computers like Gibsons, the matrix, and NORAD.  You can download it off the web.

approx. 12:00am:  We drove around the back of a grocery store and found the TNI box.  Cool.  I got out my can opener, popped it open, and got the Coffee box. I clipped on a line and ANI’d it (712-322-9491). Then Scarf clipped on another line with his Beige box and we started dialing up loop lines in the LA area. After about ten tries with no luck we found some guys on 323-626-1118,1119.  We talked to them for awhile, then I hit the Brown box button, jumpered to another terminal and started looking for other active loops. I was going to bridge them together, but I couldn’t find anybody else on.  Scarf kept talking to those guys in LA and I eventually bridged them to a personals line (402-491-0954).  One of the guys in Cali carded a new account and I’m pissed that I wasn’t recording, otherwise I’d have that card number (not that I would actually DO anything with it because that would be wrong)!  We were fucking around for a long time when I heard a cop dispatch call on the scanner. I didn’t think it was anything, but it spooked Scarf enough that we bailed out pretty damn quick.

1:40am:  Got back to Scarf’s, then went home.  Went online for about an hour or so and then went to bed.

9:30am:  Woke up, ate went to some pawnshops. Found an Audiovox CDM4000a for twenty bucks!  Went home, wrote this, now I am going to go to work on my new phone before heading out for further adventures tonight; got some trashing to do before they pick up the trash on Monday.

I’m outta here.........

How to be a Newbie For Newbies
Written by Royal-Tea [?]

Dont do bad stuff, BLah blah blah shut the PHuck UP!
This article is for newbies who havn't even started being newbies yet (yeah i know that seems lame) but just about everyone uses a newbie guide for their first article so i decided to actually make a newbies guide for newbies. So if you are l33t then just wait or skip to the next article, because right now im gonna deal with the stupid people who dont know what the hell they are doing (btw, this isnt gonna be that technical of an article, because im to lazy to think of anything to write that is technical, so i am basically gonna give some suggestions on getting your start in the wonderful world of phoneloserdom).

Ok i bet your ready to go do something hardcore and elite and make a big name of yourself in the phreak world arent ya? Well too fucking bad, because like all of us, you gotta start off slow. And i hate to say it, but you gotta read, not only do you have to read, you have to read alot, and then alot more, and then after youve read alot, then you can start to discover all the wonderful things you can do with the knowledge youve gained from this reading.

What should i read?  well for starters go to phonelosers.org (as if you already havn't) and read every damn file from that page, explor that from front to back, and learn everything there is to know in the vast well of knowledge that is the PLA. Then i suggest going to the UPL site (http://www.phonelosers.net) and start with the articles (awesome stuff for beginners) and read every issue of the upl zine too. Then i suggest finding one of those sites with a bunch of 80's textfiles (there are alot out there, and i dont really want to list them, if you cant find one, just go on a search engine for texfiles or something) now read as much from the 80's stuff as you can.

WARNING, alot of the older texfiles especially, are very very obsolete, i am only suggesting them because they will teach you about the roots and history of this culture, and all knowledge is good knowledge in my opinion.

Doing Stuff With Your Knowledge
Now that you've read up, Where should you start using what you've  learned? It seems to me that alot of people, when they first start out, want to make every damn colored box in the rainbow. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if your a newbie, and you don't quite have a feel for the phones yet, thats not very practical if you ask me. I suggest you start by building a Red box from a tone dialer (if you dont know how to yet, go back to part one and start over again)  Even if  your area has muted mouthpeices, it is a good way  to learn simple box making, and learn about tones and whatnot. After making your redbox, you should make probbably the most used, and useful box in phreaking today, the beige box, (once again if you dont know what this is or how to make it repeat step one) go phreak around with it, remember not to call close friends or family, and an important rule to remember is "never do too much of one thing from one place" this applys to everything in phreaking as well as hacking, if you break this rule alot, your chances of getting caught are pretty high. I suggest making some basic prank calls (a lot of people think this is lame, but i say to them, Phuck Off!) I think pranks are a good way to hone your social engineering skills, and pranks in my eyes are the gateway drug of phreaking, i believe though, you shouldn't limit yourself to being just a prankster, and you shouldn't take yourself too damn seriously either.

Where Do You Go After That?
So, you think your H4rdc0r3 because you social engineered a few ops, or beiged a few calls from the can down your street??, wrong. Yes, you are no longer a newbie if you've done these things and mastered these techniques, but just about everyone else has done all this as well. What really makes a phreak good, is creativity and originality. Dont just follow what everyone else does, don't just do exactly what every file tells you to. Modify things, be different, make a damn beige box out of a bannana and a few buttplugs, have sex with goats instead of humans (alright forget about the goatsex), create something new, and then youmay be h4dc0re, but youll never be g047c0re, cuz you prolly wont ever have goat sex. 

Some Final Words From Royal-Tea
A few bits of advice- Try not to get caught up in area code feuds,  they are stupid and for little bitches who need to belong to something to be secure. Try not to brag about skills you dont have (that can be messy ), Be patient and take things slowly, Dont have goatsex unless suprivised by your mom and dad, if your mom is into goatsex give me her fone number so i can hook up with her, Dont get discouraged when you get flamed and made fun of (i sure didnt, and one day all the other kids will see, ill show them, ill show them, hahahaha) and last but not least- Blha blha blha  SHUT THE PHUCK UP!!

Use Crappy AOL to Page (annoy) the Hell Out of Someone
Written by NethawK

I'll put this all into factoid form, simply because 90% of us gen-Xers can't understand anything any other way.

Did you know that you could use AOL*puke* to harass your enemies? It's true!  Normally, I wouldn't dare touch that garbage software, 'cept for this little bit some skript kiddie told me about.  Apparently, AOL*puke* has a new feature!  All ya do, clicky on the "page a friend" button in their garbagey software, and you can have it page ANYONE you feel like.  Not only that, but you can have it REPEATEDLY page someone.  Think that good ol' Joe So-and-So needs a reminder of your contempt for him every 10 minutes?  Now you can, and without having to tie up your fone line!  Wow!  And you thought AOL*puke* was only good for corralling the skript kiddies!!@!

Now that I've said that, I REALLY need a drink.  And a gun.


disclaimer:  NethawK assumes no responsibility for any instances of lameness that may occur due to using AOL*puke*.  Hell, I wouldn't even recommend installing that crap on your system!  Lord knows I didn't!

[further disclaimer from linear: AOL may cause cancer.]

School: Your Supplier
Written by Royal-Tea

Drat. Your mouse just broke. What are you going to do?  You wince as you think - "School!".

Yes, school. School is your numero uno supplier for computer related materials - free ones, that is.  Next time you see the computer lab door open, why not casually walk in, unhook a mouse and keyboard, then drop it into your bookbag/gym bag?

Better yet, monitor just burned out? Don't be bummed - get a big gym bag and stop by school!

Or how about wanting to set-up your home network or have a lan party, but don't have a hub? Just get one from school along with all the network cables you need!

Ok, enough infomercial talk, basically school can get you lots of  free stuff.  Unless you goto a columbine-type school where there are cameras and bookbags are searched, that is.  I've gotten many free mouses this way, though I've yet to go farther and get keyboards, hubs, switches, monitors or network cables.  The next thing I'd like to do is get a stick of ram - the new p3s at my school have slide open cases, so I just need to get in when noones around, slide open the case and take out the ram, slide it shut - noone will ever know...that is, until it doesn't boot, but I'd like to be more discreet and put in a stick of 32 or something.

Enough technical stuff, what about that Abercrombie t-shirt you REALLY want that everyones wearing? Simple, just pick up a free one during gym class....noone will ever know, only your mom when she does your laundry.

What about food, you ask? Just wear your handy gym bag in the lunch line and drop in the food you want when theres a crowd of people.

Really, possibilities are endless at school - and you pay for it all with your tax money.

Who says stealing is against the law?
Well, my mother does, which is why this article is for informational purposes only, by reading this you agree that this article is a work of fiction and is not to be taken seriously and cannot stand as evidence in a court of law, school system or any body of authority/figure.  You, the reader, take all resposibility for the content of this article.  In fact, you should go call 911 right now and admit to all those free printers you stole in your gym bag.  Go now, you naughty little boy.

How to get free Pizza and stuff
Written by Killa2Killa

Intro: So your sitting in your house and your hungry and bored like always and you sit there and you see this dominos or another pizza ad on TV and your like I wish I had money, but remember your broke as fuck. And if your like me then your too damn lazy to get a job and you to get free things. So if any of that describes you then this article will definately help you.

What you will need:
  • 1 beige box or failing that a phone.
  • 1 or 2 friends, this will probably will be the hardest part for some people.
  • A marginal I.Q., this will also be a difficult part for some people.
  • 1 abandon house or building or a house or building that no one is currently in.
  • 1 pizza place that delivers.

Alright, now you have all of the above you will now 1 beige box a call from the building or house that is abandon or no one is there.Or you have called from another location and and used the *67 feature or what ever else does the same thing in your area, what that does is it makes your phone number not show up on their caller ID.But there is one draw back  though, if you call from another location and place your order there is a chance that they MIGHT call back to conferm your order in which case you should have another friend stay by the location of the phone you called from so they will be able to conferm the order, however Dominos or any other place usually doesn't call back, but it differs with each area, so better safe than sorry. I personally think it's easier to beige box the order. Call any pizza place that delivers, I will use Dominos in my example because I've successfully done this with them and they have those neat hear wave bags and cores. After you have ordered you shouldn't risk breaking into the house, instead wait on the steps or what ever and have your friend hide. Now when the Dominos guy (or who ever you called) arrives distract the guy, make small talk, fumble around with your wallet, anything that will keep him busy long enough for your friend to raid the car and take pizzas, sodas, bread sticks, or cinna sticks and possible one of two heat wave bags and cores. Just don't take all of the bags and cores, because 1 it will be funny when he realizes that most or all of the orders are gone, and 2 he will get pretty fucking suspicious that all his bags and cores happen to disappear at your delivery. But don't get too greedy because you don't want to get caught with the goods, and if you do just grab everything you can and run like hell. And also it would be easier to accomplish this at night. Now your proabably thinking to your self, self wouldn't it be easier just to break in the house, call, and just mug the guy, take his food and steal his car, right? Well let me aks you this, do you want to get 8 years in jail just for trying to get a free pizza? I don't think so, unless your want to get analy raped. So remember have fun and always atleast make an attempt to try to not break TOO many laws.

Chat Log Happy Fun Time Land
Written by various losers

[begin AIM log]
PhractalPhreak: UPL totally rocks to the max
its linear: Hrmm.... thanks?
its linear: Are you going to finish Part II?
PhractalPhreak: yeah, why, are you waiting for it or something to finish the
its linear: no, i have almost nothing for the next issuee.... what i do have
 is crap.
PhractalPhreak: i read MOD - the gang that ruled cyberspace
PhractalPhreak: again
its linear: heh
PhractalPhreak: its good book
PhractalPhreak: I am such a an oldskool junkie
PhractalPhreak: i think i got the mentor's and erik bloodaxes phone numbers
PhractalPhreak: i want to call them some day
PhractalPhreak: and maybe ill interview them for UPL
its linear: haha, right on
PhractalPhreak: im not sure what to think of the mentor, cuz hes awesome, but
 then again, he was best buds with major narker erikb and i highly respect
 the ppl erikb ratted on
its linear: well, the mentor didn't do it personally, so you shouldn't hold
 him responsible
PhractalPhreak: yeah i know
PhractalPhreak: plus erik i think did all this stuff after mentor was out of
 the scene
PhractalPhreak: so it wasn't like he was cheering him on about it
its linear: yup, there ya go.
PhractalPhreak: i cant find any MOD-LOD war T shirts on ebay either
its linear: heehee... rbcp probably has some, heh
its linear: i wish there was a big PLA/UPL war
PhractalPhreak: colleen has some
PhractalPhreak: but dont you think the PLA/UPL war would be half-assed?
its linear: Yeah, it would be like "Eh, I'll flame you... when I get the
its linear: and of course, UPL will would lose.
PhractalPhreak: and we should have someone play a narker to try and get the
 FBI involved but they will be like "we have more important things to worry
its linear: heehee
its linear: Yeah, so instead we'll get the authorities of Roy, NM involved
PhractalPhreak: haha
PhractalPhreak: this AIM transcript could serve as craptastic filler for the
 next UPL issue
its linear: haha, yea.... i'll make it part of a log section or something...
[end AIM log]

[begin AIM log]
the   3rd   worm: Aha! My most favorite person!
Organiz3d Chaos: man... u r doing a good job of annoying me
Organiz3d Chaos signed off at 1:41:29 PM.
[end AIM log]

 Follow Lord_Wonka through #teens4jesus!

Session Start: Mon Feb 19 16:08:24 2001
[16:08] *** Now talking in #teens4jesus
[16:08] *** Topic is 'You said.. ask and I'll give the nations to you! Oh,
 Lord, that's the cry of my heart! Distant shores, and the islands will see
 your light as it rises on us! ...Oh Lord, I ask for the nations...'
[16:08] *** Set by Impishness on Fri Feb 16 21:38:14
[16:08] <Chaosity> i'm great, i woke up about an hour and a half ago :)
[16:08] <jem4him> hehe what time is it there?
[16:08] <jem4him> hi
[16:08] <Lord_Wonka> Greetings, child.
[16:09] <Chaosity> it's 2 PM :)
[16:10] <jem4him> child? i ain't no child. is he talkin to u Chaosity?
[16:10] <jem4him> wow nice nap hehe
[16:10] <jem4him> no school?
[16:10] <Lord_Wonka> Jesus wouldnt approve of you waking up so late, you
 should wake early, to praise him.
[16:10] <Chaosity> uh huh
[16:10] <Lord_Wonka> Chaos? The lord does not like chaos..
[16:10] <jem4him> hehe
[16:10] <jem4him> have u been here long?
[16:10] <Lord_Wonka> he likes peace and harmony.
[16:10] <Chaosity> nope just a few minutes
[16:10] <Chaosity> i wonder where everyone is
[16:11] <Lord_Wonka> They are probably worshipping, like good little devils.
[16:11] <Lord_Wonka> I mean lamb.
[16:11] <jem4him> me too
[16:11] <jem4him> hehe
[16:11] <jem4him> oh well
[16:12] <jem4him> a/s/l all?
[16:12] <Chaosity> all two of us?
[16:12] <Chaosity> 17/f/AZ
[16:12] <Lord_Wonka> nineteen, male, heaven.
[16:12] <jem4him> hehe yah that
[16:13] <Lord_Wonka> arizona resembles hell, with all the heat.
[16:13] <jem4him> hehe
[16:13] <jem4him> heaven on earth?
[16:13] <jem4him> hehe
Session Close: Mon Feb 19 16:13:25 2001

Session Start: Mon Feb 19 16:14:51 2001
[16:14] *** Now talking in #teens4jesus
[16:14] *** Topic is 'You said.. ask and I'll give the nations to you! Oh,
 Lord, that's the cry of my heart! Distant shores, and the islands will see
 your light as it rises on us! ...Oh Lord, I ask for the nations...'
[16:14] *** Set by Impishness on Fri Feb 16 21:38:14
[16:14] *** ChanServ sets mode: +b *!*@63.24.*.*
Session Close: Mon Feb 19 16:14:52 2001

Session Start: Mon Feb 19 18:14:10 2001
[18:14] *** Now talking in #teens4jesus
[18:14] *** Topic is 'You said.. ask and I'll give the nations to you! Oh,
 Lord, that's the cry of my heart! Distant shores, and the islands will see
 your light as it rises on us! ...Oh Lord, I ask for the nations...'
[18:14] *** Set by Impishness on Fri Feb 16 21:38:14
[18:14] *** ChanServ sets mode: +b *!*@63.24.*.*
Session Close: Mon Feb 19 18:14:10 2001

Session Start: Tue Feb 20 20:52:04 2001
[20:52] *** Now talking in #teens4jesus
[20:52] *** Topic is 'Borrow music from Gracie! Check it out at
[20:52] *** Set by Gracie on Mon Feb 19 17:02:34
[20:52] *** DreamBot sets mode: +v Lord_Wonka
[20:52] <Lord_Wonka> praise the lord.
[20:52] *** MajorJF_2001_Away is now known as MajorJF_2001
[20:52] <MajorJF_2001> im back
[20:52] <jem4him> wb
[20:52] <MajorJF_2001> whats up now
[20:52] <Lord_Wonka> Heaven is up.
[20:52] <jem4him> natta still dead
[20:52] <MajorJF_2001> lol
[20:52] <Lord_Wonka> Up with hope, down with dope!
[20:52] <MajorJF_2001> ur funny wonka
[20:52] <Lord_Wonka> Im funny because I love the lord?
[20:53] <Lord_Wonka> If lovin the lord is wrong, i dont wanna be right!
[20:53] <MajorJF_2001> :)
[20:53] <MajorJF_2001> man im gettin tired
[20:53] <jem4him> hehe i have to go soon
[20:53] <Chaosity> hehe
[20:53] *** STEPH23 has quit IRC (Quit: why is it when you think you have a
 friend..they end up stabbing you in the back;and instead of them telling
 you why they have a problem with you...they talk behind your back?????)
[20:53] <MajorJF_2001> think id better go soon also
[20:53] <Lord_Wonka> Can i have ops while youre gone?
[20:53] *** Gotta_love_me has joined #teens4jesus
[20:53] *** DreamBot sets mode: +v Gotta_love_me
[20:54] <MajorJF_2001> huh
[20:54] <MajorJF_2001> ??
[20:54] <Gotta_love_me> hey all
[20:54] <MajorJF_2001> what u talkin bout wonka
[20:54] <Lord_Wonka> type /op Lord_Wonka
[20:54] <MajorJF_2001> hi gotta
[20:54] <jem4him>  he's not an op how can he op u?
[20:54] <Lord_Wonka> dammit!
[20:54] <MajorJF_2001> it wont im not opped
[20:54] <MajorJF_2001> lol
[20:54] <jem4him> ehehe
[20:54] <MajorJF_2001> bye bye
[20:54] <Gotta_love_me> hi major
[20:54] <MajorJF_2001> of course the ops arent watching
[20:54] *** Lord_Wonka is now known as Marilyn_Manson
[20:54] <Marilyn_Manson> Praise the lord my children.
[20:55] *** Marilyn_Manson is now known as Satan69
[20:56] <DreadPirateSmalls> if only this channel had livng ops :P
[20:56] <Chaosity> bye guys
[20:56] *** Chaosity has quit IRC (Quit: @-,--` A rose could never lie about
 the love it brings ... And i could never promise to be any of those things-
 Jars of Clay... Love Never Fails- God. (I Cor.13:8) <Chaosity> Hey Poopsie
 WaffleChunks!!! <Chaosity> aka Joe !)
[20:56] <Satan69> yeah.
[20:56] *** Whitt40 has joined #teens4jesus
[20:56] *** Whitt40 has left #teens4jesus
[20:56] <DreadPirateSmalls> but alas, the closest is ben
[20:57] <Satan69> need to ban Chaos. The lord doesnt enjoy chaos.
[20:57] <MajorJF_2001> i dont think the lord enjoys satan
[20:57] <Gotta_love_me> ya that is what i was thinking
[20:57] <jem4him> AMEN!!!!!!
[20:57] <Satan69> Satan? He doesnt like sugar!
[20:57] <Satan69> Satan is a brand of Sugar in nicaragua.
[20:58] <Satan69> I dont know what you guys are talking about.
[20:58] <jem4him> your nick dumby
[20:58] <MajorJF_2001> why do u feel the need to come in here and try to
 annoy us like that
[20:58] * Ben_2001 gets out his Artic Warfare Magnum sniper rifle and zooms
 in on Satan69's head...lines up the shot and squeezes the trigger
[20:58] *** Ben_2001 sets mode: +b *!*fbiagent@*.tnt10.tpa2.da.uu.net
Session Close: Tue Feb 20 20:58:34 2001

I had a short conversation with [Ice Arson] and figured out how moronic he is... Just check it out.   -LuvoxPhreak

Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Wow! You are rather lame. I doubt you
 have actual skills if they can't even go to your
 grammar skills.
Brice Carlson: Skills!
Brice Carlson: So you an Elite Hacker?
Brice Carlson: RBCP? Linear? Who are you?
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Capitalization of skills is only
 necessary in the beginning of a sentence
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Neither and none
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: I am simply Katie.
Brice Carlson: So whats your nick name?
Brice Carlson: Ah i see...
Brice Carlson: I prefer the ... at the end of the
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: And I have nor never will claim to be
 a hacker.
Brice Carlson: how about a Phreaker?
Brice Carlson: phone phreaker?
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: But I can smell someone who is just
 out to start trouble from a mile away/
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: .
Brice Carlson: Thats me!
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: To a degree, I am a phreak.
Brice Carlson: Ah... I see....
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: You see most of the [pla_upl discussionn]
 list, believe it or not, don't claim to be in a club or be a
 phreak/hacker. Most of the list doesn't go to 2600
meetings or PLA meetings.
Brice Carlson: Yeah because everyone is smarter then
Brice Carlson: Ya call this thing a club and everyone
 gets mad... This is quite funny
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: And it would be rather unfair to clog
 everyone's inbox if your bitching only extends to RBCP
 or Linear.
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: No, not made. It made most people
 laugh, if you read the posts.
Brice Carlson: yeah i'm pretty funny!
Brice Carlson: Don't ya think?
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Yes, I agree. The stupid pointless
 things that you post are humorous in their ignorance.
Brice Carlson: Thanks i try hard...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: By the way, what's this about LRS65?
Brice Carlson: Do ya know who it is?
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Yes, It is Lenny.
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: The internet pervert that everyone
 likes making fun of.
Brice Carlson: oh... Well someone Imed me later and
 said... they were using his name but he kept on
 logging on
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Yes, Lenny has been driven off the
 internet for a while but when he comes back on, we
 will be sure to bug him a lot.
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: For now, anyone could be using his
 AIM screenname.
Brice Carlson: ah i see..
Brice Carlson: Whats the password?
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: If you're so 31337, you should be
 able to figure that one out for yourself.
Brice Carlson: i've never... Tried... you said
 everyone uses his name... So you should know the
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Yes, I do.
Brice Carlson: Well... Spit it out...
Brice Carlson: Because i don't think ya know...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: But I would never give it to someone
 would bragged over his own skills and telling everyone
 including some of my friends that they had no skills.
Brice Carlson: Just as i thought....
Brice Carlson: Your Friends Are Pretty Funny!
Brice Carlson: Alot of them IM me...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: You are truly ignorant... The reason
 they IMed you is that you posted your screenname and
 started shit.
Brice Carlson: Yes... That was the point...
Brice Carlson: I wanted to hear what they are about...
 Because i've read the entire page... and i've read
 alot of this list...
Brice Carlson: I wanted to know if someone knows
 anything other then this stuff that is copied from
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Yes, but you understand that they can
 block and ban you from the list if you kept starting
Brice Carlson: oh... I'll get another Name!
Brice Carlson: ohh...
Brice Carlson: Thats a real threat!
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: RBCP, as far as I know, has done all
 the things in the PLA issues that he claimed to.
Brice Carlson: I'm sure he has  as far as you know...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Well, you told us that we were losers
 yet you proved that you are one yourself. You would
 take the time and effort to register new names to bug
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Yes, you are 31337. I shiver in fear
 of you.
Brice Carlson: oh yeah... You should Shiver...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Come on, throw your best at me.
Brice Carlson: I am not 31337....
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Yes, I could tell
Brice Carlson: Good for you!
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: You're just a whiny little brat...
 But hey! That's ok! You should go join WraithTech.
 You'd be welcomed! That's a REAL club for whinning
 little brats.
Brice Carlson: I'll have to check that out sometime...
Brice Carlson: Ya know when i have some spare time...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Yeah, I understand, being an annoyng
 shit takes up most of your time, right?
Brice Carlson: yes Exactly!
Brice Carlson: Your Pretty Smart For Being A Phone
 Phreaker Person!
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Haha... Thanks, I suppose.
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: You're pretty annoying for a stupid
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Does that make you feel better?
Brice Carlson: yes... Thanks!!!
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: No problem!
Brice Carlson: This list is kinda of fun...
Brice Carlson: Its rather demanding... Making all
 those Messages waiting for a flaming reponse...
Brice Carlson: Its alright because Brice Carlson isn't
 a quiter!
Brice Carlson: quiter (like my grammer?)
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Oh, I think in time, people will just
 hit ignore on your messages and you'll be "beat"...
Brice Carlson: OH... That will be the day i.... Make
 up a new name!
Brice Carlson: for every message i write!
Brice Carlson: but for now... Everyone shall know my
 real name!
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Hmm... Then everyone will just block
 you and not care...
Brice Carlson: oh... That would hurt my feelings...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Anyways, if you did try that, It'd be
 your own torture to have to start that many accounts
 and e-mail accounts.
Brice Carlson: Its alright... as you know... I have
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: I'd get to laugh at the time you had
 to put through it.
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Yes, since you are probably like Dino
 Allsman and sit at home all the time with no job or
Brice Carlson: Yeah that would be something to laugh
Brice Carlson: No Job No Life... <-----thats me!
Brice Carlson: i just keep on making more stuff on the
 PLA_UPL list
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Hey! If you had so much balls, why
 don't you just post your home phone number or
 cell-phone and see what we really can do!
Brice Carlson: AH... Maybe i'll do that next week
Brice Carlson: Why don't you give me your number?
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Yeah, sure you WON'T.
Brice Carlson: And you see how much of a kid i am...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: I won't give you my number for the
 fact that you claimed that you could take me on...
Brice Carlson: Thats what i thought...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: So if you can, you can get my number
 on your own.
Brice Carlson: I'll do that sometime...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Hey, everyone on the list knows my
 full name/address
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Go ahead... You don't scare me much.
Brice Carlson: Thats pretty cool!!! good for them...
 Did ya give them a cookie?
Brice Carlson: Yeah i'm not that scary... I'm working
 on that affect...
Brice Carlson: It will take some time..
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: No one cares about you, Brice. They
 just like to make fun of you and the pointless things
 you say.
Brice Carlson: Yeah...
Brice Carlson: Its funny how you... Take the time out
 of your life... To talk to me...
Brice Carlson: Smart one you are!
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Well, Now that you bring it up, It's
 8:30 where I live and my boyfriend is on his way over
 so I decided to take this time to IM you because I was
Brice Carlson: I'm sure you have a b'f
Brice Carlson: Yeah right...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Oh yes, I do.
Brice Carlson: Its 10:30 where i live!
Brice Carlson: let me guess his name...
Brice Carlson: Linear?
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: We're in different time zones
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: No, His name is Josh.
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Wrong guess.
Brice Carlson: Really you must be a rocket
Brice Carlson: OH darn i was wrong... better write
 that down thats a first
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: No, That's my father
Brice Carlson: Your father is a Rocket Scientist... he
 must work for the Gov't.... Eh?
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: A long time ago, he was a rocket
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Now he's into telecommunications.
Brice Carlson: oh i see...
Brice Carlson: And my dad... Does Brain Sergery...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Hey, you don't believe me? Go ahead
 and call the guy. Harrass him a little. Bug him.
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: I hate my dad so I wouldn't mind if
 you did.
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: His number is 408-448-6441
Brice Carlson: well thats nice..
Brice Carlson: I'll call him some time...
Brice Carlson: his Name?
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: In the mist of harrassing him, please
 be sure to ask him if he was a rocket Scientist
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Robert P. McNamara
Brice Carlson: ok i'll do that...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Please do.
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: I like watching the bastard be
Brice Carlson: i like how you put the P. in your
 fathers names...
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Well, It's part of his name...
Brice Carlson: Maybe i should switch my name to Brice
 A. Carlson
Brice Carlson: what do you think?
Brice Carlson: well i've got to leave for a few
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: You still sound like a football
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: bye now
Brice Carlson: i don't play football!
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Don't have too much of a life while
Pb4uGO2bedAGAIN: Sure ya don't

LoL! Now my bastard father will get an annoying call from the most annoying person in the world! Hell yes! Sorry, for all those who know, I hate my father for the whole Mexico/Provo/abuse incidents. And I didn't lie about the rocket scientist thing. My father has a Ph.d in physics and was a rocket scientist at one point in his career. So... If you guys don't believe me, just ask him.

[note from linear: Really, guys! The "l" in my name is
not supposed to be capitalized. Ever. Bastards. Oh, and since LuvoxPhreak mentioned them, WraithTech still has yet to do anything important or worthwhile.]

Letters To UPL
Written by various losers

From: BIadeofIMP
Subject: for the united political league
Date: Monday, March 26, 2001 1:31 PM

it seems steve jobs has lied to us once again (well, i dont have any proof, but he does!) in `84 he said wed never have to see a command line again, perfect for the home users, but nothing for us hackers... well with the release of OS X, we once again have access to a command line. well so what, who cares you say? well with a few flicks of the wrist, you your self can enter a few unix commands (the command line for OS X is based in unix, and wouldnt you know, i know nothing about unix) whats best about this, if the lameass computer lab runs OS X, and they decide to block user priveleges(i know i cant spell) go for the gonads, through the unix command line (its to the best of my knowlege that steve jobs & co havent found a way to completely block people in the unix command line,(once again, i know nothing about  linux) and if they have just flex thoes leeto hacker/cracker skillz and get the pass for root(always fun to have:o) ))


From: BIadeofIMP
Subject: justice to the wrong-ed!
Date: Monday, March 26, 2001 6:15 PM

in UPL 024, you had a letter from me saying: "this is the same linear at UPL!!!, koo" other then the fact that there is more to this then meets the eye, i dont believe i should be laughed at with the likes of  Carol Fexa (who amusingly wrote: "dude, how do i become a hacker? mail me a chat so i can talk to u.") and other idiots who should be laughed at by people who dont know anything about the UPL or PLA ...

now my stroy i was cruising the PLA site when i saw they PLA 9-o-9 site, i imeditaly went to it, (being the loner phreaker i am) and i emailed linear, thinking he had an email address so he wouldnt confuse the emails from the PLA 9-o-9 to phonelosers dot net, so i tip my hat to linear for making my self look stoopid (i am aware that writing this ununderstandable email made me look more stoopid, but im cool that way)

From: "Chuck Farley" 
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 11:46:03

  I have been reading the issues of the UPL and the PLA and I think they are great.  As I am sure you may have guessed I am new to the hobby but I love it and am doing my part to be the best phone loser I can be.  You may find it interesting that I work for a phone company in my area.  When people anger my I get even with them phone loser style.  Thanks for your knowledge and taking the time to write those informative articles.  I hope to someday prove my worth by submitting something noteworthy.  My way of giving back to the phreaking community.  Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

                                                Chuck Farley

 [ note from linear: thanks for the kind words, Chuck. And we can't wait to see that "something noteworthy," we're always looking for new info. But, by the way, please never capitalize the "l" in my name again. It makes me sad. ]

From: Silicongrrl
Subject: Keep up the good work!
Date: Tuesday, April 03, 2001 1:40 AM

I have an anecdote for your zine. One night my boyfriend called me from a  COCOT at a gas station by my house. While frantically searching for change,  we were disconnected after 3 minutes of quality talk time. (11.7 cents a  minute is well worth it to talk to a loved one who's down the block.) I noticed, however, that the phone number had appeared on the caller id, so,  naturally, I called it back. The phone rang on my end and my boyfriend was on the other end a second later, suprised that I was on the line. I asked him if the phone had rung and he said no. Apparently, he picked up the reciever  again to call me back and an automated voice said that the phone was  recieving an incoming call and then we were connected. When I called the pay  phone back later, all I got was a modem signal. So, technically, that phone  can get incoming calls under the right circumstance, despite the label on it  saying that it cant. (I checked) I haven't had the opportunity to test this  out on any other customer owned pay phones as of yet, but I thought I'd share this with the phreaker community anyway. 

Lyons, IL

From: PPD - Phone Phreak Dude
Subject: Question
Date: Thursday, April 12, 2001 2:38 PM

Hey linear i have a question. Ont those Nortel Millemium phone prussian snow said that there is no coin toll system. its the phone that prevents you from making a call. i wuz just wondering can u take your own fone and connect it to one of those nortel payfone telco boxes?

i am canadian.

[note from linear: Well, as far as I've been informed, yes. but I don't know all too much about them, because I don't see too many of them 'round here. But from what I've been told, mainly by Lucky225's site (URL forgotten, he's not the most reliable source anyway, or so I've heard), all nortells are is beefed up BOCOTs. So, my guess would be yes, but i'm an idiot and the real answer is probably no. My advice, though, is to check it out for yourself. It'd be a lot easier, and more fun, then reading my rambling about the subject that never seems to end.]

From: An±hony
Subject: Phreaking My Neighbor
Date: Sunday, May 13, 2001 7:01 AM

Ok so check this, I was p***** at my neighbor because he blamed me for shooting his dog. So I attempted the first thing that came to my mind which was "Tap in on his line!". So that night I got my Beige Box and snuck up behind his house to hook it up. The next thing I know I heard two voices around the corner. So all I could think to do was to sneak around the corner and have a look-see. This was the freakiest moment in my entire life because when I turned that corner a cop and my neighbor were staring straight at me. It was weird because during the entire operation, I was completely silent. When I saw those two faces I ran. I'm serious, I just hauled ass. I jumped back over the fence and started running through the yards. And then all hell broke loose and the shit hit the fan. I got to the other side of my yard, jumped that fence and started running through another neighbor's yard, and about that time is when a HUGE dog just completely pinned me. The cop finally got the dog off me helped me up and said "Why were you running from me?". And I said "Why the Hell do you think I was running from you?". And then he did and said the most relieving thing in my entire life. He pulled something out from behind his back. It was my Beige Box. He said "You just ran off without this and I wanted to give it back to you." So all in the end it turned out that the guy was a complete idiot!

From: Fearxile
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 11:43 AM

do u have any plans to realease a 2001 phone directory

[note from linear: yes]

From: general guderian
Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 11:57 AM

did you enjoy the cactus list?
what would happen if they caught me on the roof of blockbuster?
what would happen if i turned all of the power out at osco drug?

[note from linear: yes. tar and feather you. people wouldn't get their Prozac and would probably kill themselves.]

Bad things result in bad karma. Do good things, not bad.


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