United Phone Losers
Busy Box
(Stop the phone from ringing)

issue no. 8 - April 16, 1999
this issue written by Jc

Use of this Box

This is a cool box both for a crank or for home use its really cool you gots to make one,easy 2. Now you say Jc what does it really do and i tell you. It makes all the phones in the house think the line is on hold. Now what is the advantage of that well it stops anyone that uses that phone line from dialing out(makeing a cal) no dial tone is heard on any of the phones and last anyone who calls gets a busy signal. First home use: say people are calling and you are getting pissed off at the phone because you think the people will never stop and they don't. So you put the phone off the hook or you un-pulg it, well what if you don't wont to hear that gay beeping or you have like 5 phones and your to lazy to un-plug them all. Then make this easy cool little box. For the crank: if you go to a friends house or a party find a phone jack and plug the box in and haha that day they will call the phone company and wont know why thier phone doesn't work. Now lets make it!


  • 1 phone cord
    you need to look at the gold pins at the tips if there is 2 gold pins then a 1 line cord if there is 4 gold pins then 2 line cord
  • Wire Stripers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Eletric tape or if you a hick use duct tape (Duck Tape) any tape work

How to make it

This is easy
  1. Take the phone cord and cut one end now you have a jack and some cord
  2. Make the cord shorter if it is too long but leave a inch at the least
  3. Now use the wire stripers and strip the cord till you get the green and red or green,red,black and yellow wires
  4. Strips thoose wires and you get 2 or 4 copper wires
  5. Cross the red and green for one line use
  6. Cross the green and red plus black and yellow for 2 line use
  7. Then put tape around the wires to keep them together
  8. Plug it in and it works dope

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