United Phone Losers
Beige Boxing Continued
issue no. 7 - March 20, 1999
this issue written by Jaded


Welcome fellow phone losers...your tour guide will be the one and only JaDeD.  Since this is only my first issue of the UPL zine you'll have to understand that this articles' gayness can be due to lack of experience.  Anyways this article will cover some more basics of beige boxing and hopefully touch on some points that the previous article didn't.

Basics of Beige Boxing

For those of you who live in the city and are not hicks who live out in the country, did you ever think that there might be more controlling your phone then that beige box outside of your house?  Well,  you were right.  However the box controlling your phone and everyone else's in your neighborhood's phones is not really protected.  It is usually on an accessible street,  not far from the curb.  Look for a big box that has Telco inscribed on it,  it usually is about four feet above the ground.  This is the area's Telco box.

Now, a person would think, that this box is completely secured and will definitely not be tampered with by a phone loser like me....well, I'm afraid your very wrong.  Your local Telco thinks that your lines should have no more protection then a weird looking bolt. This thing can be undone with a special wrench or needle-nose pliers. Unless you happen to look a lot like a telco serviceman, breaking into one of these boxes might arouse suspicion, so don't be a retard.  A big part of being a phone loser is just common sense.  A large amount of discreetness can save you hours of trouble with the local doughnut eaters.

Once this box is opened you will feel right at home.  The same kind of setup you have at home(black wire/red wire, sometimes a jack) will be there.  These are all your neighbors' phone connections.  Unplug one of these jacks and you might have yourself a new enemie.  Connect your homemade handsetto a pair of terminals, and you have instant access to that line.  Party time!

The system is easy to phreak, but far easier to raise hell with.  Should one be evil enough, one could, rip out all of the wires then bolt like a madman.  This would cause complete chaos and definitely make you top on the neighborhood hitlist.  So, for the people that havn't done shit to you, please don't go ruining the phone service for your whole area just because you can.

3 simple easy to follow tips

Also, people might get a little suspicous if their phone line suddenly goes dead. And, if you are caught, the redial button on your handset can turn into your worst nightmare.  So, for the common phreaker, here is a list of things you can use as backup to ensure
a platoon of oinkers doesn't suddenly come around the corner.
  1. Line in use light - They sell these wonderful devices at Radio Hack for about $12.00.  This is a box with a light on it - when the light comes on when the line is in use.  Before using a line check it's vacancy with this device.
  2. Tone Dialer without redialer or memory - If you are caught won't you feel really stupid if the last number you phreaked is the number that shows up when "redial" is pushed on your phone?  A tone dialer can save you all of this trouble from happening.  Since the phone only remembers the last numbers punched in on the numeric keypad,  it would be smart if you dialed all of the numbers using a tone dialer.  Although laws are not very clear on the matter you can pretty much be arrested for having a pair of alligator clips, it's a lot better for you if they have no evidence.  Dialing with a tone dialer is wise but dialing direct indicates you have an urge to meet your cell mate bubba.  Don't say I didn't warn you.
  3. Logic - for all of you non-einsteins - DO NOT DIAL LINES ASSOCIATED WITH YOU IN ANYWAY!  That includes your house, cell phone, girlfriend, boyfriend (hey we just never know these days), your mommy, your lamo friends, or any numbers constantly dialed by your home line.  Well now you know, don't forget that they keep records of this kind of thing.  Also, Don't forget to clean up after yourself.  Wearing rubber gloves wouldn't be that bad of an idea, but not leaving your card helps a lot as well.  To sum things up, you were never there, and should do everything in your ability to make it seem that way.  That means closing the box when your done. "I am just looking for my girlfriend officer" is not acceptable.


Jaded, United Phone Losers and/or it's members WILL NOT be held responsible for what you do with the information within this text document. We cannot take responsibility for your ignorance, besides, we can barely take responsibility for our own.


If you feel I left something out, or you think something is incorrect, feel free to contact me via email: lord_jaded@hotmail.com