United Phone Losers
What COCOTs Are, And How To Fuck With Them
issue no. 2 - February 1, 1999
this issue written by linear

What is a COCOT?

COCOT stands for Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone. What the hell does that mean? Well, it means that it's a payphone that is owned or  rented by some customer of the telephone company. It won't have a Bell or GTE logo on it or anything. The telephone line is a normal customer loop, instead of a special payphone loop that normal payphones are on that allow certain  tones to go through when you put in your change (yeah, the red box tones). So you won't be able to get free calls by redboxing this thing, but there are still ways to fuck with it.....

How do I fuck with an evil COCOT?

To understand how to fuck with a COCOT, you have to understand the COCOT itself. The COCOT generates a fake dialtone when you pick it up until you put in yer money. Only then will you get the real dialtone and be able to dial out. You will get nowhere near the unrestricted dialtone until you put in the coins. BUT....we all know that 1-800 numbers are free, and it's  against the law for a COCOT to charge you for one. So dial a 1-800 number, when they answer, scream "PLA 0wnz UPL" or something to that effect. DO NOT hang up. Let them hang up on you. Now what is this? You got a dialtone after they hung up?? There it is, the unrestricted dialtone! Now that you've got the dialtone, you can make a call without giving up your pocket-change. What the fuck are you talking about, linear?? When I get that dialtone, I press the payphones keypad, but it's not working, jack-ass! Well, it's not as easy as using the payphone's keypad. You need to get a pocket tone-dialer. Get it from Radio Hack, in a later issue, maybe I'll teach you how to turn it into a Red Box (well, you probably know how to already). Now, use that to dial any number of your choice.....

Apparently, some COCOTs can protect themselves and reset when they hear the dialtone. I've heard that you can make a real loud hissing sound with your mouth and trick the COCOT. So as soon as the 1-800 number hangs up, start hissing and get your tone-dialer ready, as soon as that dialtone comes up, hit the first number of the entire telephone number you are calling and  it should work. If not, oh well, you tried. Go to the payphone across the street with the GTE logo on it and Red Box it.


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