United Phone Losers
A Newbie's Guide to the Beige Box
issue no. 1 - January 27, 1999
this issue written by linear


I can hear all you phreaks out there groaning. Not another fucking file on beige boxing. Everyone has a beige box. Fuck you guys. I have said this before: UPL was not made for all the self-declared super elite phreaks out there. We're here to help the new guy. The guy that just found out what Phreaking was last week. So if this is too cool for you, Go to some other  leeto site to get your shit. For those of you who have no fucking clue what  a Beige Box is or how to use it, you found the perfect file.....

What the Fuck is A Beige Box

What's a beige box you ask? Well, a beige box is just a lineman's handset. Wow! now I know what a beige box is! But, um, what's a lineman, and more importantly, what's a lineman's handset? A lineman is that GTE guy that works on the telephone poles and shit, blah blah blah......what's his handset? That little phone thingy he has to check out to see if the lines are working or whatever the hell he does with it. That's not important. What's important is what YOU can do with it......heh heh heh.....

What Can I Do With A Beige Box?

With a beige box, you can MANY MANY things, most popular: tapping into to neighbor's lines and dialing out from their house and thereby getting free calls.

How Do I Make A Beige Box?

Contrary to what you're probably thinking, this box is EXTREMELY easy to make, anyone with half (well, ok, ¾) a brain can make one. That's right, one of the most useful boxes to use is probably the easiest boxes to make.

  • Phone cord (The One That Connects The Phone To The wall, Not The Curly One)
  • Wire-Strippers
  • Really Small Alligator Clips
  • Phone

How To Make It

    Get the fone cord, cut one end of it off. Throw that shit away, you don't need it. Now strip this down a little bit, and you should see four wires.... Red, Green, Black and Yellow. However only the Green and the Red ones matter. You can just set the black and yellow wires aside or whatever. Now strip these guys (this will be a bitch because they are so small) and Attach an Alligator clip to each one. Plug the other end of the phone cord (the side that still has a modular plug on it) into your phone. Now you've got your beige box. Wasn't that fun, children?? But wait a minute, this isn't beige, why is it called a Beige Box? Well, the answer to that is quite simple: The first Beige Box made was made with a Beige Fone.

How Do I Use A Beige Box

Ah, you made your beige box, now the phun begins! First you need to find a secluded spot... The spot you choose for your first phreak should have access to a phone box, like the one on the side of a house;  If you're dealing with this kind of set up good, it's easier for the first phreak. Where I was the boxes on the houses where gray or green.  As you become more advanced you'll move on to the big green or gray boxes you see along the road and other more complicated things.

Now that you have the right tools and the location for your first phreak you're ready.  This is how to proceed.  Open the box by unscrewing the screw labeled open.  Now you'll see a jumble of wires...no problem...find the red and green wires...if there is more than one set on these pick a set, any set. Now look at where the wires are attached...they are attached to some screw terminals right? good.  Look at them closely see how the wire is stripped to fit around the terminal...see how the end of the wire is available to you. Attach your red alligator clip to the end of the red wire in the box, and the green to the green.  Listen to your phone, hear the dial tone...if not make sure your clips are making good contact and are not touching each other.  Now call a number...not your own house of course...and not a friend.  CONGRATULATIONS you've just completed your first phreak.  I know it wasn't much, but I bet you felt all high and mighty when you did it, huh? Well settle down, you're no Kevin Mitnick!

Now disconnect from the box and close it up...just the way you found it.  If you haven't called any unusual numbers like the 900 variety or the long distance kind, the person you just phreaked off of will never know. However if you need to make long distance calls or anything of the like you now know how to do it at no cost to you.

What SHOULDN'T I Do With A Beige Box

Here's some things you shouldn't do when beige boxing. By not doing these things, you'll probably save yourself some time, since you won't be spending that time talking to the big scary police....

  1. Do not call your house.
  2. Do not call your pager.
  3. Do not call your cell phone.
  4. Do not call your girlfriend.
  5. Do not call your other friends.
  6. Leave everything just how you found it!
  7. Don't ALWAYS use the same location to phreak from!

You just can't call numbers that you would often call from your house! If they suspect your messing with someone's phone line, and they see most the calls made were to the same exact person you call twelve times a day from your house, they're going to be a bit fucking suspicious. So basically, just use some fucking common sense!


linear, United Phone Losers and/or it's members WILL NOT be held responsible for what you do with the information within this text document. We cannot take responsibility for your ignorance, besides, we can barely take responsibility for our own.


Well, I hope I covered everything. If you feel I left something out, or you think something is incorrect, feel free to contact me via email: lord_linear@juno.com